How is this done?

Interesting topic on TOF:

My question specifically refers to text input. Allegedly he doesn’t use the canvas …

TextInput Canvas maybe ?

Or I suppose you could use anther base control although I dont think a Container would work (I really dunno if it has the right events to support this)

And if its NOT TIC then it wont have many of the nice things that text input supports on macOS

As far as I can see he made this with a lot of quirks and most possibly with Cavas Objects… like Rubberview once did with HighDPI scaleable controls. Or how was the name of the WebControls from the today XOJO employee? By the way it breaks with the native controls pardigm of XOJO and I bet, it won’t run or have issues on Windows RDP Terminalservers.

Well it looks good, but he has sunken 4 years of development into this. Hence it’s a demo, not a final product, you can buy. Though I wouldn’t recommend to buy, cause we all know what happens next. You will end up in buying both, xojo and this 3rd party addon like all the other addons we all did for too many years. Therefore no news at all… all quiet on the Western front Remarque would say.

I wasn’t interested in buying. But he specifically stated that he wasn’t using a Canvas, so I’m curious about how he did it then …

I suppose there are several possibilities

Heck you could almost use an HTMLViewer and SVG graphics - with limitations

I’ve done something similar for a client and it uses a lot of container controls
And no Xojo controls but many things are based on canvases or text input canvases

He uses Containers, I have done this creating the native control with OS declares and then drawing the theme in the container background, around the native control.

With everything created or drawn at run time, I think we both had a similar idea for the preview in the IDE. It is a Rectangle and a Label, both are destroyed at run time.


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but he said pure builtin Xojo w/o 3rd components
A Webview clearly would be such a 3rd party component

From his YouTube video, there is a text comment where he mentions use of declares.

TextInputCanvas isnt third party - at least I wouldnt count it as one any more than I would count a database plugin as third party

Its a Xojo thing (well until they open sourced it but then I dont think they’ve touched theirs since and Bjorn & Christian have updated & fixed theirs)

But there are ways like Ivan pointed out of “hosting” the native control in a container etc

And accessibility features are not supported, thats a big problem in europe.


sigh… no linux support then… there she goes… the cross-platform independency

Most will say WHO NEEDS LINUX though…nobody cares in their eyes.

Linux as a desktop is still a fairly niche market

Linux as a server is an entirely different story

Exactly. But with Java I can serve all platforms and not only two.

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well sorry to say, my customers all have linux clients while windows is running in terminalservers, offline and isolated.


nice for you then

but in all my years, since 1984, I’ve not had a single client whose primary system was desktop linux

Even when I worked at Xojo the desktop linux crowd was such a tiny tiny fraction of the total.

So, you are just confirming