How Important is RPN to you in a calculator App?

  • I never use RPN
  • I LOVE RPN and would not buy a calculator without it
  • RPN is fine, and if a calculator app didn’t have it, I’d still buy it
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My 2c… I don’t know what RPN is.
But I honestly don’t know anyone who would buy a calculator app. Is there a market?

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Argh, I’ve slacked off on getting back to your email about it and understand if you kill the RPN off, but I’m still going to get to you either this afternoon or tomorrow!

I am of 50% Polish heritage, and I don’t use RPN! :wink:


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When wearing my accountant hat, RPN is the natural default.

Scientific, engineering, and technology are typically not RPN.

As a civil engineer, most of my fellow engineers used RPN (HPs). Perhaps that was for those of us who graduated last century, though, and newer graduates don’t. As far as I know, my son is the only kid in his high school who uses RPN, and that’s only because he wanted to be different.


Going through engineering school (as an EE) I had a few classmates that used RPN but most did not. It always seemed back asswords to me.

I’ve never encountered an accountant that used RPN
I spent about 9 years in the Accounting Department of TC Energy
Excel yes and there’s no RPN there

I’ve never used it except as a curiosity in some university courses talking about algorithms to evaluate expressions using a stack based machine

That’s interesting. It used-to-be the gold standard.

Much has changed, and probably RPN along with it.

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Even the desktop calculators we had were infix
And that was 1990 - 2002ish with a short hiatus in there while I worked elsewhere
Like this

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