How could a Migration tool for Web 1.0 to WEB 2.0 LOOK LIKE

FIRST OF ALL: Redirect Event functionality. That could result in the possibility to decide to delegate the Events of a Component for Mouse Up, Mouse Down to th mouse clicked event. So it could be rewritten and that’s it while the most could be converted. I can see in the old Web 1.0 Project 1283 unsupported Items and most of them while the event names are falling to the floor. The next Problem are styles. So implementation of local styles would help with allowing at least to read them but also to use Them. Possible in Bootstrap? I wrote a Bootstrap theme in JavaFX which allows it, I believe the Xojo specialists should be able to do in Web 2.0. Allowing full functionality of Bootstrap especially for having more simple switching between portrait and landscape. That would be at least consequent. At the moment it is disabled by default and can not be used. But it would allow to setup the apps in a better wise. Next: build up an Importer. The Importer could ask for the Events to redirect them. Mouse up and Mouse down could land on Mouse clicked event. Would at least allow a faster conversion. You could also use the styles, rename them so they can be used in the bootstrap CSS. And e voila: Project converting could be so easy. Most of the work is now for the events done. Now you only have to implement the different session Management and slap there you can ask how to handle. Not that complex.

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According to this I have to say: I have a project with around 790 not supported events. Putting them somewhere is not a working way. Therefore I wanted to ask for a project redirect functionality so can redirect them automatically project wide and edit a bit after to get running. That way you wanted to go is a hobbyists way. This more than 700 events will cost me one month at the end. Will you pay it? My revenue per month is around 19k. Euro not rubs.

There is no conversion path for non-trivial projects. It is a rewrite plain and simple. Since it is not clear when Web2 will be ready for prime time, if ever, it would be prudent doing the rewrite on a platform with proven maturity and stability over time.

My guess is that your question will remain without a technically viable answer.