How can intelligent people still be developing even new Apps in a language they hate

Yes that is something the most of us will not do after retirement. It is too expensive and it is coming up every year. but not having an Updatable license makes it also complex while there is no security Update anymore.

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I actually have a Swift app that will take an Xojo XML project file (API1) and convert a large percentage to Swift. There are a few controls it doesn’t do (Listbox is one), and its like 80% accurate on converting Xojo code to Swift Code.

Unfortunatly I don’t have a lot of incentive to complete it… But I do use it to create base template macOS projects


Thats seriously one of hose kinds of apps that IF you plopped it up on GitHub I suspect you’d be surprised at the help you might get

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There are lots of IDEs out there which are free. Many languages are open source. No need to stick with Xojo, which lacks many features modern languages have.

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That is impressive! So you can use in the meantime your own ecosystem. Sad is that nobody has enough time in his llife to get products like that ready

@Torsten_B biut the entire point is that for this you need to learn to use the other language. That will cost you much time. So possibly it will not happen.

I generally would agree, but for Xojo? I have my doubts … :frowning: -

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Once retired, we should use tools which are fun. I’m feeling that I retired 2 years ago :slight_smile:


its a Swift project that converts Xojo TO Swift :slight_smile:

I know, but who wants to convert Xojo to Swift? Better starting from scratch and forgetting the sins from our “youth” :wink: - Perhaps it can be useful for someone learning Swift but one way or the other the non-existing multiplatform aspects of the Greens will be gone :slight_smile:

The conversion from Xojo to swift is a possible way. Reducing the amoung of boilerplate Code. Makes sense in my eyes.

yes, but … :slight_smile:

And I do NOT blame Dave’s work nor Swift! For education purposes and for getting started in your transition to Swift and if macOS is your sole target platform it might be very helpful. But I still doubt that many people will actively develop it, if Dave would publish it on github. Those who could do changed already their dev workchain.

this is all why I never invested a ton of time into that project. It makes it easy to do simple window layouts and have that code created (I still manually massage it). but dont rely on it for any business logic to speak of


We can always start a poll, perhaps I am proven wrong …

Would any former or current Xojo user actively support development of any Xojo2Swift converter?

  • yes
  • no

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polll is rather moot don’t you think. I’m not seeking collabation of any type

Ah, Okay - I changed the text to a “neutral” poll.

There is always a difference between people voting yes and then actively collaborate, no doubts. But overall I think the use base of Xojo shrinked so dramatically in the recent past that it doesn’t make much sense.

  • Some are stuck, and their projects are really “complex”
  • Hobbyists might still want “cross platform”
  • Others (like me) don’t have anything left on Xojo and definitely don’t want to spend time in Xojo, which is needed to a certain degree in any conversion project.

Plus I am pretty sure that by when the project will be finished Xojo will again have made some substantial changes breaking any conversion code.

That seems true and it is sad at the same moment. While Dave was working long time on it and while it would help for the Xojo users to build up a perspective. When and if Swift and Swift UI becoming real cross platform it would be not only for Mac users but for all platforms. Beautiful if you ask me.

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yup, beautiful, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

I think that unlike the Greens, Apple understands very well what problems they would get themselves into if they did.
Maybe as an open source variant, since Swift is open source. In this area, however, not much has happened on the server side in recent years, and that will soon be a decade ago.

this is an incorrect assumption… There is NO plan to invest anymore effort into that project

ah, gotcha. Sorry, I thought that you are still developing on it from time to time.

Well, in this case you could be generous and make a gift to the Xojo Community :slight_smile: .

I could, but it includes a huge Swift Framework that IS used in another project. Something that I did invest a huge amount of time and effort into, and has uses well beyound that project.

Some of which I published as Swift Tutorials a year or two ago, but not all