High Sierra and the IDE/Prefs (Font and Size)

@Emile The font & size should be in the Library/Preferences of your Home directory
Open Finder
CMD+Shift+G (Go To Folder) and put in ~/Library/Preferences
once there look for com.xojo.xojo
Its a plist file you can review in many ways (Xcode, BBedit etc)

Thank you Norman.

In the involved SSD, I do not found that file when I searched.
I also have a bug after I update the OS (the SSD does not boot anymore; I know how to set it booting again, but I have a meeting Monday for that: High Sierra last update always crashed here when I applied it, I want to show that at my local Apple Store).

I do not even found the Xojo Cache folder… (2015r1).

At last, old HDD (formatted 10 years or more ago do not mount (are not visible in Disk Utils too) / keyboard keys are sometimes not working…
Hardware built on 2014-11-24 (i5 Pro/Retina).

Very strange.