High Quality Screen shots from iOS Devices

In the past I had captured screen shots from my iOS Devices (usually while testing a new app) by using the two button method on the device, then emailing the photo to myself.

Recently I found a MUCH better and faster way, which seems to produce the best quality result even. However it DOES require you have Xcode installed… and it must have the support files for the version of iOS on the device (else where I posted tip on how to keep Xcode 11 up to date in this regard)

Anyways… here is how to do it…

  1. connect you iOS device via USB to your mac computer
  2. start up Xcode
  3. make sure (if not already) that the device is registered to Xcode
  5. your device should show up in the left pane (hopefully under CONNECTED)
  6. Select the device
  7. bring up on the iOS Device whatever you want a picture of (this can be ANY screen from any app, not just apps you are developing!)
  8. click the [Take Screenshot] button
  9. the screen shot is now on your Desktop

This has saved me tons of times lately

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Or use QuickTime Player to show your iPhone screen (that’s how I troubleshoot my parent’s iPhone remotely)

Thanks Dave!

I am working in XCode for a swift project now – This is a great tip thanks!

Wasnt there steps for screen shots on an Apple TV ?

Norm… what I posted works on ANY apple device … (and is the steps I mentioned to you last week)

And as far as I can tell Markus tip only works for the mac itself… unless he can provide more details.

Can I connect ti wirelessly ?
I dont think I have a long enough USB - USB C cable to plug the ATV into my new MBP

Yes… if you have more than one named LAN … both your mac and the ATV must be on the same one… Or Ethernet … but not USB