Hidden Treasure

When you discover your base level PHP+MySQL hosting package has a nice surprise inside:

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Which host is that ?
We dont mind you mentioning other products here :slight_smile:

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which hosting?, what package? How muchs is it? :rofl:

I was originally with 4U Hosting but they were recently taken over by HostPresto. Fortunately HostPresto have honoured the deal I already had which is a little better than their default base package ( e.g. 5 MySQL databases rather than 1, 5GB of web space rather than 1, 1GB of ram rather than 0.5, … ).

I actually originally only had it for the email, I didn’t want my email hosted by one of the surveillance empires, but having browsed through cPanel out of curiosity and discovering the package includes mod_wsgi I might do a little more with it.