Here is a PUZZLE

Given the a vector, with a starting postiion (X1) and an end (X2)
X1 is alway > 0 but < X2
obviously the width (W) is (X2-X1)
now also given a segment (sX1 to sX2) where sX1 if >= X1 and sX2>sX1 but <= X2

      X1             sX1     sX2           X2

now given a 2nd vector (xX1) to (xX2) and (wW=(xX2-xX1) where all values are DIFFERENT that the first vector

calculate what the 2nd set of (sX1 and sX2) would be, so that both vectors and their segments are 100% proportial to each other

All values are given EXCEPT the values of the 2nd segment start and end

I hope I explained that well enough

ssX1=xx1+ ((sX1-X1)*(w2 / w1))