Help of Xojo 2019R3.2 under Linux not running under all circumstances

While the offline Help works under Ubuntu 2018 well it makes problems under Ubuntu 20.04 and 20.10. While there is a dependency to a newer version of Libgtk3 there is a problem with the Offline Help for it. So if you want to use Xojo 2019R32 under Linux install Ubuntu 18.04 or earlier and get secure that the libwebgtk is not higher then 3.0. Otherwise the Help for Web 1.0 is not working anymore. Different to the Thread on TOF there is a difference between Ubuntu 18 and Ubuntu 20 which has a dependency which makes it more than complex under different circumstances to have libwebgtk 3 installed.

See my posting here:

That was not possible in our configuration. Never mind. I am on java and only for information : this solution comes exactly one year to late. Nobody could stay through. I was asking for it in xojo forum, via mail, via feedback more than once and got no answer. Shows as result: bad support done by xojo. As you can see in the old Forum post we wrote a new help Chorwerk instead so we had online help. If I would get that answer in that times I would be happy to have at least help system. Thanks, you’ve done a good job.

Sorry, I didn’t look into this earlier.
It may have been better if Xojo would show the missing library as error somewhere.

Although I doesn’t help for you, I made two cases for the future.
65239 Have Linux version of IDE warn user if libwebkitgtk is missing, so offline help can’t show.
65240 Upgrade Linux HTMLViewer to use newer libwebkitgtk version

But I have to add, that if I would do schedules, I would give those a low priority, since it may end up on Williams table and he may better work on the Line 64 ARM support, which I would prioritize higher.

It’s s dead end since I was stopping to use it with my customers. It was absolute showstopper when we where in that situation and I am happy that I done the move to java