Have you always been able to create polls? -

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I had to try this :slight_smile:

WOW - I cant even vote !

I’ll have to see if @Garry can help sort that out
Maybe there’s a config parameter for the minimum trust level to vote in a poll
I did a quick search but didnt find such a thing - there is one for the minimum to create a poll

When I created the poll there is an option to select the trust level of those allowed to Vote.

I read the other threand and I felt the need to monkey around with this. Yes as I’ve said before I am easy to entertain :slight_smile:

better someone figure out how to use that :slight_smile:
might want to set the “trust level required” to something lower in line with

I dont know that anyone here is trust level 4 yet :slight_smile:

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I have no idea what the trust levels are, thought 4 was the lowest :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not alone in that one … but is a natural assumption to make when it seemingly goes down from admin to level 4.

It was all the way down on the list.

I should make a poll to find out if this makes sense to you guys LOL

They work their way UP from “low trust” to “highly trusted”

I had to go read up on them as well :slight_smile:

So the admins are least trusted? Because

Trust level 1
Trust level 2
Trust level 3
Trust level 4

makes no sense otherwise … :innocent:

I believe there is an option for Moderators too, I think that option was right under Admin. Tha’ts why I thought it was in descending trust level

I think the trust levels are more like
Admin - we dont trust them but they can boot us out soo we’re nice to them :slight_smile:
Trust level 1
Trust level 2
Trust level 3
Trust level 4
Moderator - not quite as powerful as the admin so be nice to them :stuck_out_tongue:

The article about trust levels is instructive though

I’m trust level 1 - Basic- , who’s behind needs kissing? :stuck_out_tongue:

On second thought that emoji might not be the most appropriate after what I typed

Nice thing is discord isnt a “you get to be X kind of member because you sucked up to someone” :+1:

Moves up and down in trust levels are behaviour based

So I need to spam the hell out of this thing and not kiss behinds. Good!

More “participate” than “spam” :slight_smile:

Well yes that :stuck_out_tongue: