Has Bob’s blog disappeared?

Haven’t been able to get there for a few days …


503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

Same for https://www.bkeeney.com/

same thing from here …

both site from over here too

Nothing nefarious going on that I’m aware of. Tech support ticket has been put in.


dunno anyone was thinking nefarious but possibly
“Bob’s just decided to say ‘screw it’ and took his site down” or something


Naw, but it might be the final nail in the coffin of me using ServerWarp. I’ve been super unhappy with the responsiveness when it comes to support.

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Websites are back up (ran out of disk space) and have a new blog post up today.


THIS! Serverwarp has been an absolute nightmare for a while, I’m trying to get my domains off ServerWarp for a while now so I can shut things down.

Even though it’s in his own interests to help me get off his platform - emails go into a support black hole and NEVER answered. Let alone get things done. He used to be SO good.

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Amen to that. I sent a support request every few months. The response time was always more than a month, came with an excuse (“my leg fell off”, “ my wife had octuplets”, “we moved the business to Antarctica”, “sorry, no spikee Eeengliss”, or whatever :crazy_face:), and rarely solved any issues. Amazon AWS is way cheaper and I can control my own destiny.

Some time ago I saw there was a Linkedin post or something like that where Phillip took on a new role as CTO for a company
I wonder if that has just redirected his focus ?

I saw that as well and you’re probably right. Serverwarp used to be so good :pensive:

havent seen him on discord etc for a long while

PAT! Whats up buddy - Its been a while - Glad to see you here!

Yeah, ServerWarp is not my main focus anymore. In fact, my wife was maintaining it for the last 6 months but then we had a baby and well things got busy! She has a CS degree and plans to return to managing it soon. Of course, 2020 being what it is with COVID and my elderly family having health issues that needed care I was distracted.

The biggest distraction came from me co-founding Array.com where I am managing 40+ engineers. That is my new day job and primary focus as I don’t consult anymore.

ServerWarp is mostly on auto-pilot. I do have a 2.0 release coming out by end of year focused entirely on Docker containers/standalone/Xojo Web 2.0 apps. The market has changed since we first launched:

  • Xojo Web is not really viable in a lot of cases. Where it is you need easy/instant load balancing that is completely self service.
  • General Xojo decline and not wanting to tie my future with theirs.
  • Docker became more prevalent so infrastructure needs to be more stack agnostic. Node/Golang/etc.
  • A healthy portion of Xojo customers using Xojo Web no longer use it and just use us for PHP/email. We aren’t the best service for that. Most of them eventually want the cheapest cpanel/email hosting option.

All that being said… ServerWarp is far from dead. Like I said I’m working on 2.0 to keep my skills sharp and I’m really passionate about DevOps and infrastructure automation. My target market is different however and we aren’t the best fit for many of our original customers.

Also, we continue to remain profitable and even grow. Our largest customers are multiple factors larger than the average Xojo Web customer. Many of our customers who previously focused on Xojo Web no longer do. They now rely on mostly Wordpress sites and the supporting them has become burdensome.

ServerWarp is in no danger of shutting down but some customers have left and will continue to do so as their needs change and our target market changes. I still believe in programming the Web in an easily accessible way using a BASIC variant but I am no longer going to tie my future only to Xojo. The number of ServerWarp customers that are Xojo users is less than half at this point. Revenue wise, they are less than 20%.

For those who have received bad service or chose to move on… I hope you understand and we can continue to be friends. Maybe if you find yourself using Xojo Web again in the future you’ll find ServerWarp 2.0 interesting. I’ll happily pass out free credits to try it.


Hey fella - bit of a lurker, spend a little time on Discord. Hope all is well :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update Philip.