Has anyone tried Omnis Studio?

While searching for an alternative development tool that is free to use and has support for xPlatform I found this tool called Omins.

It has a community edition and I am already downloading it but I a just curious and would like to know if anyone here has used it and what are your experiences.

I have fond memories of using Omnis for approx 18 years developing solutions using Omnis on MS-DOS and the Mac & MS-Windows versions such as: Omnis 3, Omnis Quartz, Omnis 5, Omnis 7 and Omnis Studio up to version 4.

It excels at database CRUD style applications which can either be deployed as desktop applications or as web applications. It is quite different to other environments but a very productive environment once learned which helped to offset the deployment costs.

When I was using it, the web applications used a browser plugin but this has since been changed to JavaScript. A nice feature of the web applications was the ability to write a method in Omnis code and specify that it should run in the browser rather than on the server.

Dealing with Omnis the company was always a pleasant experience. They (like myself) are in the UK so I was often at one of their offices for one reason or another. My visits usually ended up going for a curry and a few beers with various members of staff including someone who I’m sure was the president of the company for a period of time.

If you have any specific questions let me know and I will try to answer them.

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I also looked a while ago but I didnt like the licencing. It costs USD 185/month (2,220/yearly) and it is not a perpetual licence, if you stop paying, you cannot even open your proyects.

The CommunityEdition said it was limmited to having 2 apps and a max of 5 concurrent users for each app… I dont really like to deppend on a custom server software for keeping my apps alive…

Also, their marketing reminds me of xojo, It says “Omnis Community Edition - Free app development platform for all devices”. You are not allowed to make Desktop apps, but technically you can run the web app on any desktop? :expressionless:

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That’s why I use java and intellijidea or netbeans. Simple, isn’t it?