Happy Turkey Day

To all those in USA, Happy Turkey Day…

To everyone else, Have a Happy (American) Turkey Day… and for most of you, you get a reprieve of the Drama from us Americans.

Everyone, please be safe out there… no matter where you live the evil pandemic is running rampant… some areas more than others…

personally I will be learning a new StateManagement system for Flutter when i am not eating turkey… and prepping for my BFD purchases (all online).


50 some more days of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy Turkey day! Normally, I’d wish safe travelling.

The drama will not end after 50 days.

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I don‘t think the turkeys are happy … :roll_eyes:

RT Erdogan is never happy…

Unfortunately I suspect the orange man will continue being an idiot through the next administration as well

Not so happy for tge Turkeys :turkey:
In Australia, we eat lamb on Australia Day. I guess humans choose the most prolific beast to share a celebratory meal.
In any case, I wish my friends in the USA a (COVID) safe and healthy, enjoyable celebration.

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(a lot of ) lamb in the USA is strong tasting (gamey??) compared to other parts of the world. When I lived in Turkey I ate a LOT of lamb and it was great. But I do love some good lamb.

one the guys that I hang out with at the local cigar lounge is a professional chef and he makes some damn good lamb.

one of the things I am going to try to do over the next year is learn how to smoke/grill lamb without making it taste like crap.

I hope everyone was safe over the holidays. I hope everyone here is safe (from COVID) and so is their loved ones.

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SO far so good here
Hope everyone is taking suitable precautions whereever they are