Happy new year all

Hope the new one is a lot better than the previous one


Amen to that…

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Happy new year, everybody. Together with Norman, I hope that 2024 will be better than 2023! For myself, 2023 was the “Year of Hell” as in Star Trek Voyager.

Lets hope for better times!

In a US election year? Fat chance.

Not looking forward to all the crap we’re all going to be immersed in. And you know it won’t end at the election - it will continue through until January 2025.

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If Trump wins, it will be HELL IN THE U.S. until 2029… If he loses he will still whine for 4 years

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And likely run again , though then the age argument won’t be on his side.


How is that different now? :slight_smile:

Trump is far from the biggest fruit-loop in the USA. Compared to some he really is a stable genius:

UK isn’t much better either, we have a group here calling themselves “Queers for Palestine” :roll_eyes:
Maybe somebody told them in Islamic countries gays get free air miles.