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I just wanna say thank you to @npalardy just wanna say thank you to @npalardy for his work and his excellent blog which gives us sometimes hidden views into Xojo. It’s a great resource.

If had a wish, I’d like to read more of the TextInputCanvas Series and after a long research yesterday about Paint-Event Parameter areas() As Rect. There are very limited information about it in the forum/docs. What I don’t understand, if I have a dynamic custom control, how areas would improve the drawing. Maybe a sample project would be a good start for a new blog series.

Once again, thanks Norman.


TextInputCanvas series will continue - really :stuck_out_tongue:

The areas parameter on most paint events is supposed to be passed in if at some point you called RefreshRect BUT in practice I cant recall seeing it ever actually contain anything.

The idea is/was that if you had used RefreshRect that those areas to be redraw would be passed in and you could use that to just redraw to specific areas. But, macOS graphics engine already does this kind of optimization for you so you dont really need to worry about trying to optimize your code to only draw select areas. I cannot speak to the Win32 and GTK implementations as I dont know their details nearly as well.

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