Google Search Results

has anyone else noticed that Google changed the way they display search results?
Now at the bottom of the page is a [MORE RESULTS] button instead of the the numbered Goooooogle … meaning you have to SCROLL back instead of jumping by selecting a page number… For me, that sucks…

If you know of a way to set a preference to use the “old” way, please let me know, otherwise I may have to find another search engine :frowning:

Not for me - still shows page numbers. Checked two computers (Mac and Win) and two browsers.

You can always use the Home key to jump back to the top of the page.

Hi Dave,

I ran a Google search in Explorer and Chrome and both showed the numbered Goooogle at the bottom of the page. This was on a Windows 10 OS.

This is what I see… and it is TERRIBLE to use :frowning:

Use a plugin to block javascript in your browser. It will simplify a lot of websites. Not every website is designed correctly and may not play well with having Javascript disabled, so YMMV.

For Firefox, I use

You could be a part of a experiment:

I switched to DuckDuckGo

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i see what you see DaveS when i change the safari to use “Develop”, “Enter Responsive Design Mode”.

i change it to 9.7" iPad and it work ok with page 1, 2, 3. when i change it to ipad mini i only see “more result” or on iphone mode

I have been duck-duck go for 2 years or more, if I ever get sucked into a google vortex it keeps asking me to sell my soul to their unbelievable terms and conditions or I am not allowed to use their services, feck off google, I am not giving you my life on a plate, offer me a few grand to store my preferences then I might think about it, but give it free, no thanks.

Duck-Duck is a real alternative, even if the name is a bit sideways, has a great country specific search option so you can remove all the us sites cluttering up searches.

and if you don’t want those stupid adverts run ABP, kills them all, and NO, any advert is bad. works on safari at least.

Besides DuckDuckGo I often use as an alternative to Google.

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what is this ABP? doj

sorry, Ad Block Pro its an add-on for safari and eliminates adverts

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There are places where I allows adverts
Some of the new sites I visit occasionally that I have not subscribed to I’ll allow ads to read the infrequent articles
Ones I visit more frequently I tend to subscribe to