Google lays off staff from Flutter, Dart and Python teams weeks before its developer conference

This is why I don’t use Google products :

Profit is the most important and google realizes that they can get rid of this programmers. For google: no problem. For the people: wow not nice.

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Google lays off staff from many of teams… we dont know how many of the staf, how many teams, not even why or if this will affect the teams. But we see a random x post, so we are going to use the 3 more popular products for the tabloid title…

Agreed on the clickbait headline. Further into the article:

But others pointed out that Google didn’t eliminate its Python team; it replaced that team with another group based in Munich

That is the big setback and risk working for a big company. There you are only a number, they treat you well, and give the feeling your work is appreciated. However, the moment they don’t need you anymore, you are dropped in the waste bin. Like it or not, this is the reality.

I’ve been waiting more than four years for Flutter to add the ability to have more than one window in a desktop application. Being able to open more than one window seems like extremely basic functionality and it seems insane to me that the Flutter Desktop framework still doesn’t provide a way to do it. They recently announced that it won’t be happening in 2024 because they’re prioritizing other things on their roadmap and they just don’t have enough manpower to do it. You’d think a giant company like Google would be better-resourced than Xojo, but in certain areas they clearly are not.


Are there any new languages besides Rust that aren’t half-baked, semi broken and only useful within the confines of a walled garden?

I was going to spend time last year learning Flutter, but after reading this, and @Walter 's comment that Flutter can’t even open a window? I dodged a bullet I guess. :smiley:

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Kotlin is better, java is. Enough for me

There are a few
Some have a decent roadmap AND a backer that has a vested interest in their success - like Swift & Apple (for instance)
I dont think Google had that sort of investment in Flutter (I could be wrong though)
But it wasnt critical to their success in the way Go is (or seems to be)

Rust is one that I’ve liked when I’ve used it
And since there is now support in the kernel of Linux for it I imagine that it will gain more popularity

And some that have been around for a long time like Java
Kotlin might fall into the category of a language with a backer that has a vested interest

Well, this is how it was designed, modern trend is to make all the app in a single window. This also makes easier to have a single source for mobile and desktop.

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Ugh, That’s honestly shitty. I’ll stick to C#.

Not everything is a data app, or glorified web app, or a mobile app (heck some old mobile apps used multiple windows too). Without being able to use and manipulate multiple windows a few of my apps couldn’t exist at all.

Yea maybe those apps are of dubious utility but dammit, I will have the stuff I want. :laughing: Not my fault decision makers lack imagination and creativity.

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Why you say that? With Codenameone and with JavaFX/Gluonmobile I can have as many screens as I want to have. They could do that too but they did not want to realize that features. Flutter/Dart isn’t a really nice combination for Apps. Systems like flutter/dart are not made for any kind of Desktop application. And therefore it has limitations.

And like Appie wrote: the glorified web and mobile Apps are not the complete world.

And also Desktop Apps should be possible with a language. I don’t want to say use Java or kotlin. Others can do that also. But with Java and Kotlin I can realize every project. Desktop, Mobile. Web. So why should I reduce possible functionality?

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Almost every single app in the microsoft store uses a single window. The store app itself is a single window. Apps for streaming like spotify or apple music. App used by millions like Whatsapp, Music production apps, Video editors, graphic desig, Thousands of NOT data apps working in a single window…

Maybe it is you the one who lacks imagination and creativity to adapt to this paradigm.

And it is ok, you have every right to build your apps as you see fit, but it is just your preference, that does not make the concept shitty.

First: he is not the only one. Second: there are situations where it is not layed out to creativity but possibilities for example in medical apps. Not always is single window possible. And then? Ah yes, you are the creative one which can do it single Window? Na, I don’t believe that cause I know that it is not always possible.

And last but not least: not every single app is like that. Only for information.

And yes, if possible I always try single window. If.

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Sure, you make that obvious.

Read first, no one said otherwise.

The concept is really old, I eplored it 20+ years ago with a BV6 app. And I also have done some with xojo. All the iOS and Android apps I made work like this. Really shoking that the concept is so hard to grasp for some people

Yes, you allways know everything :wink: But yes, again, no one said otherwise. There are extreme cases that cant be done in a single window.

The concept of forcing people into single window apps.

You do database apps all day? Fine.

You need an MDI? Now you gotta draw and handle the widgets and interactions yourself. If you’re epic or meditech you don’t mind that because you have your own library of half baked garbage widgets to use and waste time on. :smiley:

You have utilities (Yoink for example, and ubar)? Can’t do it. To pull off something like ubar without multiple windows, you’d need a full screen drawing surface, or separate exe’s. And you can’t do full screen drawing in that way on macOS without breaking security (touchID, security verifications do not work when an app draws on the entire screen). Windows has similar restrictions.

The lack of creativity here is the inability to understand there are programs that exist with a purpose that’s not entirely “present information in a single screen.” Not every app solution is a website that can be distilled into an electron app. And desktop platforms support multiple windows natively, so it’s not something impossible.

Hell, Xojo in it’s current state supports it, that says something. :laughing:

HA this made me laugh out loud :slight_smile:

EDIT : Sadly Xojo will probably roll out the “see its no safer to use tools from big vendors than it is too user ours” meme baed on this
For them I would say FWIW I still use C# in 3 (count em 3) IDE’s on my Mac :slight_smile: Even that one MS discontinued

besides Visual Studio Mac, what IDEs do you use C# in?
That was the only one I knew of, unless CodeRunner and VS Code count (as good as they may be… the latter not tho :laughing: )

C# is not so far away from Java I would say. And the concept is similar behind. The secret behind is: supporting the older stuffs as long as it is possible with security updates and also compatibility updates. Take care that your language is constantly working. And that MS has done. Java with Sun and later oracle also.

VS Code and Rider