Go Survey 7/23

Another Go survey hit today. Announcement at Share your feedback about developing with Go - The Go Programming Language. I find these interesting because it seems like they really take them to heart and work on ways to ease the pain points in the language. Based on some of the questions in this survey they have some ideas on things to work on in the near future.

I think I’ve taken three of these surveys. Each has had different questions and IIRC some of the new features introduced in 1.20 were asked about last year. I think they use the surveys to figure out what’s important to people and to validate that they’re working on the right things.

Very refreshing in contrast to what Xojo has been doing forever. I guess there was a reasonable Xojo survey a few months ago but I doubt they’ll publish the results like Go does. They’ll publish if the results were glowingly positive I suppose but otherwise it’ll be swept under the rug.

If people cant be bothered to express their opinions in surveys, forums, etc then how the heck could any company try & cater to their desires ? By guessing ?

Survey like this one makes much more sense since they probably get responses from those highly motivated to help steer things AND who are willing to say “here’s how ew use this”

As for Xojo they’re survey was months ago (March or so I think)
But, like you, I suspect unless it showed a vast majority of respondents were thrilled with Xojo we arent going to hear about any results or findings.

EDIT : Maybe some were mentioned in the XDC Keynote ?

I don’t remember anything specific about the survey being mentioned. Won’t go back to find out either. The only thing I think might have fell out of the survey might have been the part time tech writer position.

No idea if the tech writer fell out of the survey or not

The questions were echoed on INN

Now maybe Xojo’s feedback on the survey indicated that the docs needed work
Or just the # of bug reports filed about it has
There have been plenty filed about it since they switched to yet another new system