GMAIL oddity

Sometimes I get a message in my GMail account, and when I click to read it, It changes to a full page format… One where I cannot reply to the message, and any attempt to close the message also closes the website…

Has anyone else seen this… and is there a way around it… I have a number I’d like to respond to but can’t

This idea won’t work for most people, but I use a pop client on my computer and never have to deal with constantly changing interfaces. I set it like I want and it doesn’t change.


Ok… not sure what you meant, or how that applies… This situation only happens on certain emails… like 2%

Hi Dave,
I just meant that you don’t have to use the web interface to gmail. You access it with a pop client on your own computer. I assume this is something that the web site is doing and not anything that could be contained in the incoming email. In any case, a text-only email client would not change sizes and fonts, etc.


Well it is obviously 'something" in the email it self… as I said, only 2% of them do this,

Dave, I’ve never seen this happen. Which OS and browser are you using? Have you tried another browser? It could be from a browser or Gmail extension or add-on. Most browsers have a way to run in “safe mode” for testing - turns off all add-ons and extensions. Not sure if there’s a similar method for disabling all Gmail add-ons (if you have any).

Also, I take it that the same email will always cause this? Can you send one of them to me to see how it acts on mine? jay at jaymadren dot com.

macOS (Mojave) and Safari.

I am trying to load the Gmail desktop app… but Google sends me the verification code 5 hours after it had expired… making it a waste of time (fyi… it is sending it my ISP email address)

I don’t have an to send… since the mess up and can’t be responded to… I end up having to delete them

So you don’t have another browser available, like Firefox or Chrome?

Never had a verification email take longer than 30 seconds. Maybe your ISP email system is delaying it?

If you get another one, feel free to forward it to me.

Well I got the last verificiation code from Gmail at 7:13pm (I requested it around 1:30)… since it had already expired, I requested another one. It is now 10:30pm (so 3 hrs later) and still no response… Makes their system worthless…

As to using another browser… its rather pointless, as I don’t know what or when an email of this type would arrive (like I said its like 2%)… and by the time I realize its one of “those” its too late to switch browsers

Sigh… 6:30am… and still no code… .So I guess I’ll just give up on switching to the Desktop version of GMail

What time did the verification email say it was sent? I definitely think there’s something wrong with your ISP email system that is delaying those emails (maybe all emails?).

You could switch your Google account to use Google Authenticator for the two-step verification, which you install on your smartphone. You just open the app to get the current verification code.

I gave up… the 2nd time I requested a verificatino, it never arrived at all

hard to do when I don’t have a smart phone… and even if I did. I would not use email on it .

You can also use an iPad. The Authenticator app is not for receiving email or any other Google service. It’s just for generating a secure verification code to use with their 2-step verification process, like any other hardware-based secure token generator. That way you don’t have to rely on getting an email. It even works if you don’t have internet access on the authenticator device.

my problem here is… An Email system can’t send an email?

That ranks right up there with the letter our insurer sent my wife saying they didnt have the right address for her :stuck_out_tongue:

Please respond if you don’t get this letter

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That was pretty much what it said :slight_smile:
The whole thing was just bizarre
The address they mailed it to was old & wrong
Then in the body of the letter they said “we have this on file” which was right
The visible name on the letter was wrong but again in the body they had it right

It must have bounced around from neighbour to neighbour out here as it had a date on the letter that was about 3 weeks old

Obviously multiple systems at their end with different information in each and nothing coordinated