Giving money to Xojo

I dunno about anyone else, but I’m seriously considering not sending any more money in Xojo’s direction, since they are based in Texas, and I don’t want a single cent of my money feeding the evil misogynistic government there.

Anyone else feel the same way?

LOL… my reason for not continuing to invest in Xojo has nothing to do with the Government of the State of Texas, and EVERYTHING to do with the Management of Xojo, Inc.

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+1 :pensive:

I would also not spend one Dollar to Xojo anymore. And the gouvernment of Texas I have nothing to do with here in Germany. I am not willing to pay because of the miserable quality of the product, of the Quality Management, the quality assessment and the management of the company.

I think others have come to the same “Not sending them money” sentiment but for entirely different reasons

Well, I stopped sending them as much money (I moved from Pro to Desktop) for those reasons, but now I’m offended by all Texas-based companies, even if they are located in the relative-oasis of Austin. :stuck_out_tongue:

What about “Texas Based Companies” offends you?
Not supporting the views of the State Government has little to do with a company who just happens to be located in Texas… I too don’t agree with some of the more recent decisions, but just because my niece lives there doesn’t mean I hate her.


Well, I guess I should’ve said:

I’m offended by the Texas state government and its policies, and I don’t want any of my money going into their coffers via Texas-based companies state tax payments.

Though I may not share your view (I couldn’t care one way or the other about politics in Texas), that is certainly one way to vote with your money (whether you live there or not). It is actually refreshing to see people using common sense to express their views rather than bitching about everything.

Well, sometimes I feel the same way about Missouri, but I live here. :slight_smile:

It does make me wonder which companies based there have taken up any sort of lobbying efforts

Apple has a huge plant in Austin - one of the largest private employers in the area I think
Yet they have remained largely silent
What about others like Dell, HP etc that all have significant operations there

I guess “Salesforce” has a huge presense in Texas, and they seemed to have offered free relocation out of the State for any employee that wants to move elsewhere

It is the same if I don’t want a single cent of my money feeding certain egocentrical CEO and their many bad desitions about the product?

Does Texas still produce Oil?

He preferes to freeze in winter instead of using texanian oil or gas or electricity…he should also stop to use apple computers. They are not only in Cupertino but they have a big factory in Austin/TX. And guess what; the employ<ees paying there taxes to the state

I don’t know. I do know they produce documentaries about their state. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Indeed it does


about 3% of the world wide production

World Wide is about 100million barrels a day…
Texas right around 3 million

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Dell, Intel, AMD, et al, as well as every oil and gas company, all contribute several orders of magnitude more tax money to Texas than Xojo. If you really want to ensure none of your money ever winds up in the hands of the Texas state government, you’ll have to embrace a radically different lifestyle.