Getting under Xojo’s skin?

well huh !


screen shot before thats expunged too !

Interesting how those podcasts were every few weeks/months until late 2016/early 2017. then six months, then almost 2 years until the next, and not one in the last year or so.

3/5ths of those people don’t use Xojo anymore. Xojo is just like Apple. They don’t give a shit about devs that use their products.

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I’m not sure why they ever slowed the way they did
Would have to ask Paul as I thought that fell into his role as evangelist ?

HiHi - another post removed:

Your post was flagged as off-topic: the community feels it is not a good fit for the topic, as currently defined by the title and the first post.

This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

Really? Hiding behind “the community”?

“Chop! Chop!”, as my mother-in-law used to say …

:thinking: at least I think that’s what she said … could have been “Shop! Shop!” … :astonished:

If only you’d waited 3 more days, then it would have shown “28 DAYS LATER”…

Nice movie reference!

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You don’t think a few people flagged your post as off-topic and then the staff member opted to remove it? Do you think the staff member just removed without any flags?

As it was removed literally within 3 minutes and most people would understand the humorous nature of it … plus considering how few people are on the forum at any given time … I would have to say: not a snowflakes chance in hell.

And btw it wasn’t off-topic.

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I didn’t understand the humorous nature and flagged it. I’m sorry that you think that the moderators on the forum are just there to delete your posts. If you feel that way, why visit the forum and post there?

German sense of humor is definitely not the same as those in North America
Maybe it was that kind of language barrier misunderstanding the humor ?

Seems plausible ?

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@Alberto: Kudos for owing up to it (and my apologies to the moderators), but seriously Alberto: stop policing.

That functionality has not yet been implemented for Web 2.0 and would require creating a custom solution with JavaScript.

My post was a humorous dig at Anthony to use his considerable JavaScript skills and start writing the solution (what MVPs should be doing) rather than moderating the forums (what MVPs are doing).

If you feel that way, why visit the forum and post there?

To answer your question: if you are so easily offended, why are you even reading the forum?

Works both ways. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are MVP’s paid or volunteers? If the latter what’s the upside? Being a hall monitor sounds like thankless work.

They were supposed to be the bridge from the Xojo community to Xojo, and could have done a lot to help the community (write better tutorials, clean up the documentation, solve problems).

Instead they have basically become monitors of “sanctioned behavior“ on the official forum - famous for locking threads (so Xojo no longer has to do its own dirty work).

The “upside” seems to be a power trip :roll_eyes:

Very disappointing.


Headmaster Perlman appointed them as prefects which can be defined as “a senior pupil who is authorised to enforce discipline”

I was just considering the OP. It is hard to try to do something in Xojo, go to the forum and ask for help, return to the forum, see there are responses and those responses are not there to help you with your problem.

Now I understand. I’m sure Anthony will create great things for Web 2.0

I’m not easily offended, most of the time I don’t know if the other person is trying to offend me or not, like in this case I didn’t understand your answer and that’s why I marked it as off-topic. I still consider it off-topic and as a direct comment to Anthony to make some products (and money) for/with Web 2.0

I didn’t mean that you stop visiting the forum and stop posting, I was asking for your personal motivator to go there if you feel/think that the MVPs are just there to sensor you. I mean, for me it would be “desgastante” (I don’t know the word/meaning in English) something like “you get tired” of that and don’t like visiting anymore.

Your posts, when you help people, are very useful and clear and I thank you for that.

The correct response then would be to ask for clarification. In the thread, or if you’re not comfortable with that, in a DM. Running to the teacher is the worst possible way to handle this, ESPECIALLY on the Xojo forum.
People need to remember that the people typing are actual real people, with emotions and feelings, senses of humour, pet peeves and quirks!
If someone you were talking to in a group of people at a party or meeting made a joke you didn’t understand, would you call the police? Let’s hope not.
You’d either do what most people do, ignore it, unless you knew that person well, then you’d probably ask them what they meant or tell them you “didn’t get it”. When speaking on a forum, try to imagine you’re actually talking to that person in a group, not just listening in on some conversation that you’re not a part of…


Text is so bad at conveying emotion and context
You cant see if a person is joking, laughing, crying, reacting with horror or what

Can’t find such prohibition in my NUG Mails from 2005.

The only thing i’ve found is from the Beta List. There’s this Footer: “Don’t discuss or distribute REALbasic 2005 outside of this mailing list. Don’t distribute applications you built with it to anyone. Don’t distribute any screenshots. Doing any of these things will result in removal from the betas program.”