Getting Started in C# on macOS - comments?

Apparently I write perfectly as there are no comments, questions, or any reaction other than a decent # of readers :slight_smile:

Of course I’m being facetious

Questions & comments are encouraged as it will help me figure out what to spend more time one, or less time on, and what direction this tutorial series will go.

As well what issues are you running into with what exists in the framework so far ?
I’ve run into few things and try to fix what I can as I find them.

More eyes helps !

All perfect, nothing to add or to criticise :wink:
Seriously, the articles are great and I read all of them attentively. Style is clear and concise, also non-professional coders can follow.

I assume there will be more of them and maybe others will write tutorials for other languages and IDEs. In order to get a better classification and search-ability, articles could be tagged like:

  • C#
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Visual Studio
  • Xcode
    and so on.
    Or creating additional categories.

Thank you Norman for having started this series! :clap: :clap: :clap: I think it is important to introduce the community, especially the much-coveted citizen developer, to alternative languages and IDEs.
And the first steps are the most difficult ones, by my own experience.

Thanks for the comments

I’ll have to poke around in Discourse to see if there is a way to add extra tags or some other way to add extra categories to posts

I could put you in contact with people who already worked on this here:

It might just be an add on we can use
Discourse seems to have many

If I remember well, it does not require an add-on.

Started with java tutorials already.

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Yeah its on
I have enabled it I just dont see where to add tags :slight_smile:

EDIT : OMG what drugs was I one when I wrote the first gibberish ?
OK I have set a number of the tutorial topics to have language specific tags

I’m sure everyone noticed this :slight_smile:

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Didn’t realize you were writing about this… I’ll take a look! Hopefully you did one on interfaces in c# so I can start practicing that!

Blazor Server and Hybrid are where my mind is at right now, but any general c# discussion is always appreciated!

No were not nearly that far along
This series is more “How to use the macOS UI framework Bjorn and Norm have been poking at”
Plus getting into C# on macOS

Comments still welcome !

Something I want to pick you’re brains about esp after the quick demo you gave me of where your at :slight_smile:
Looks like I have a ton to learn but at least using C# for several targets is attractive

Thanks a lot for these (blog) posts. I’m looking forward to reading them somewhen later - I didn’t have enough leisure time to try this yet :wink:

Since I’m working mostly with C# nowadays, I’m curious to see and learn how that can be used for macOS, too!