Getting Started in C# on macOS - 4

Yet another instalment

Yes we get to adding menus and controls in this session


well, the time to market using this must be quite huge !
again, thanks for taking time to explain it .

Writing in C# costs big amounts of time. It is builded up really complex for simply develop a Desktop Application. Looks complicated and has not a flat learning curve.

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What about the size of the application ?

That depends on the fact that you can deliver with or without the framework. With framework it is comparable but a bit bigger than the same application in Java. Dotnet without framework would have the dependency that the framework is installed on the target computer. But it will need much work to have the deployment complete like you want to. For example:Application publishing - .NET | Microsoft Learn

Microsoft describes the processes around and also here the descriptions are not that bad:

Not really
The stuff in these 4 sessions actually took me about 30 minutes to do - the first time
Now its quick as heck

The biggest downside, so far, is having to run all the time to see my layout in action
Good planning makes it not so hard to figure out
Or tools like Figma - or even drawing the layout in Xojo then coding it :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - or just convert a Xojo XML project :slight_smile:

EDIT II - or I suppose an extension to VS could be made

Not sure how fr this can be pushed but if you check out the extensions for VS on Windows there are a ton

and it appears from a read of the docs that a designer for windows would be possible

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This is not true…

Our project converter application for example:


This is its size with no external dependencies that is not included in the dmg.

Note also (as for answer to some of the other posts) then This is “one UI .NET framework” that we are building there. There are obviously many .NET UI frameworks out there, to choose from. Some of which might or might not have designers and what not.