Getting started in C# on macOS - 3

Adding a window subclass and opening a window at app startup

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thanks norman for this tutorial.
but it seems to me already so much complicated to make a simple window …
that’s it ? not even a simple IDE to create a window ?
what will it be to fill windows with items ?
all in a text file typing manually the coordinates of the items ?

VS on Windows has a designer
But this is using VS on macOS that is not nearly at the same level as VS on Windows

Yes we’ll be able to add controls
Yes we’ll be able to add controls at runtime and move them and do just about anything you want

The Xojo IDE is really just generating the code we’re writing
Might it be possible to integrate an extension to VS that does this as well ?
No idea

I’m just learning all this stuff myself

EDIT : And as has been pointed out to me yes this IS probably “the hard way” to get to a project we can use - creating one we rip stuff out of then add to

It just seemed simpler than starting from nothing and adding in a pile of bits

20/20 hind sight

Another way to get a project that you can work with is to start with a converted project

This project will take a Xojo XML project and port over as much of the UI (no code) as it can
It sets up windows & controls as well as the VS solution so you can just open & go
This can be a quick way to get started

I doupt they can open that link I think that project is not public. Just Norman and me :slight_smile:

But they can get the built generator here:

Did not know he had also written such a converter. I use my Xojo2Swift app to give me that baseline for new projects. It does “ok” on the code part… and really well on the GUI part

DOH my bad !