Getting started in C# on macOS - 12 - graphics

A quick article on using graphics in a canvas

With C# and your method you need Einhugur Tools to have functionality Java 2D Graphics has since to decades and that even much slower. I can’t get the point behind. What is it helping for Norman? Is there no native, pluginless methodology?

There is no “plugin” there its open source framework (A bit similar to all the open source Java things you use right ??). And yes there is “Native” way he can just do exactly same code as is in the open source framework that is the “Native Way” well one of them anyhow. The other way with C# until Maui is reality on macOS is to go with the Apple Story board thing which is Apples “Native and preferred way” which I wont see you do with Java.

for GUI I am not using ANY plugin. For Graphics I am not USING ANY Plugin. For String I am NOT USING ANY. I am using Libraries for Database Connection, Office automation. Nothing else. And my Look and Feel. No Plugs. Nothing.

I would not even want to go that way. I even would never try.Spending time in C# was until now within its existing: lost time. And that continuous. It is extremely complex for beginners comparing with Java Swing for example. And the results: let me say: I cam live with them. If you not: you can change even with Java without any problem. And if I feel to go that native way I will go it: with kotlind and also without any stresses around.

Me either
NONE of this is plugins in C#
The Einhugur framework is just a nice interface that mimics many Xojo classes
I could, as Bjorn notes, just use all of Apples classes directly in C#

Norm/Bjorn has this framework in C#, and I have a similar one for Swift…

That’s what I said: it is not C# it is an additional framework, nothing else. And I am sorry for it: I DO NOT NEED ANYTHING additional for Java GUI with Swing. Definitely not. JDK is enough. So it is not possible to do different. It is not a problem. But it is an addition needed for the most simple things like it looks. Nothing more I said.

8-Bit colors are so last millennium.

The great thing about 32-Bit or 16-Bit float colors is that they’re device independent (and even colorspace independant), render to a 8-Bit screen or image and get an 8-Bit color, render to a 10-Bit display and you get 10-BIT COLOR!

Meanwhile all the math (and therefore processing) is in either float or half-float per channel. Floats also allow for values to be pushed out of bounds and then recovered later.

I guess I missed a lot in this conversation.

1)… No, it is not “NEEDED”… but the Java isn’t needed either, but some find int more conveient to use than C#

  1. Where did a discussion of 8-bit color come into it???

Hi Björn

Do you plan to add MS-Windows support to your framework to make cross platform GUI development easier?

I can say Bjorn and I have discussed how to do this
But we dont even have a 1.0 product available for a macOS - yet :slight_smile:

That is the problem. I was awaiting that MAUI will release faster and with much more functionality. That’s the point. Therefore it is needed that something will come up. Or Dotnet Maui and MS will not be available on Mac. Except the native UI way. But to go that way is - with Java and C# - like breaking the own legs on purpose.