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Free or not free? Got lost.

Free apparently using the run time; need a Pro license (not Xojo) if you want to modify the project: it is in the ANN text.

A better question is:

is it worth the download ?

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ehm… no it’s not free, its gratis

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if you want to know more about free software and documentation, please watch:

Free can mean “without charge”. They are not using the “without ownership” definition.
Dictionary source 1 | Dictionary source 2

You are becoming really obnoxious about your agenda to make sure software experts are poor and hungry.

The FSF’s version of “free” is encumbered as well

CopyLeft is an outgrowth of Stallman’s personal agenda to prevent people from stopping him from hacking software he didnt write or create

And I dont find it nearly as “free” as a BSD license

So if we want do define “free” I’d pick BSD licenses over Gnu licenses every time

Well lets sum it up: We have different understandings of “free” and how software should look like.

No this is a wrong assessment from ancient times, when Microsoft called Open Source Software “Cancer” and SCO tried to contest IBM and therefore Linux.

And for your information, my customers would stop making (paid) contracts with me if I would not open sources and GPL not only software but infrastructure code aswell.

Why would they stop making paid contracts with you, if they need the software and your knowledge? Why should all source code be free? Client could always sign the NDA and pay for your hard work. GPL license is the worst license ever.

Well software needs maintenance, adoption and basically is never finished. Free software saves investments.

Because it’s the best for all.

It’s pretty obvious you do not understand the philosophy of free software, watch the linked video.

Negative, closed source and licenses are the worst ones and quite an anomaly if you look back in tech history. Please rethink: Without open and free software you could not write anything in this forum.

Depending on how you define “best”
GPL isnt a shared ideal of “best”
Lots of people prefer BSD or MIT licenses as “better”
Its subjective based on many factors
And here I say we agree to disagree - I dislike GPL for several reasons
As do many others

Open and Free is embodied by many types of licenses. Several I prefer to GPL
Nor is GPL the ONLY open & free license type
GPL imposes itself on you, the developer, as much as any closed source license

IF you want to be truly magnanimous & give your code away for ANY use, truly unencumbered, use a BSD or MIT license