Game Controller App for AppleTV

I can’t seem to find a game controller app to put on my iPhone that can double as a game controller for AppleTV.

I have an ATV remote app … .that has a really lame controller section, but it drops the Wifi every 30 seconds.

I’m attempting to write an ATV app, but since there is no keyboard… I need some way to control it… all I need is 4 arrows and a “select” button…

Wifi, is it a new model? have they removed the infra red one from its hardware, mine is so old thats all it has and the old plastic or aluminium remote for it is exactly what you describe, 4 arrows and an enter button.

yes WiFi… am not using the remote that came with the ATV… .I tossed that POS in the trash… Normally I use a Harmony 655 which works great… but Xcode doesn’t seem to have an API (that I can find) the lets me detect the keys from that. I was using a remote app on my iPhone… but it only has two buttons and track pad…

the remote that comes with it (the one I trashed) looks like this

sorry Dave I misinterpreted, I was thinking about the hardware not the app.

Dave, this one works great!

Plus this clip for iPhone:

Sorry… I was hoping to find an app to put on my iPhone to turn IT into a controller for ATV games … .I have an app the duplicates the normal ATV controller, but that is a POS