FYI Xojo 2024r1.1

In case you hadnt noticed, since it wasnt announced in the forums, or in the emails that just arrived Xojo 2024r1.1 has very quietly shipped (Apr 15, 2024)

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Are the Examples new? Are the Offline Docs new?

no idea

they didnt have any announcement about it anywhere I can find

I just happened to be looking for something else & saw there was a new 1.1 release

7 bugs fixed

I dont see how that answers Hal’s question though ?
They dont say if the docs got updated or examples updated
Maybe they did for R1 but not R1.1 ?
They just dont say - nor did they announce this bug fix release

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  • Debugger: the globals Window list now includes all instantiated windows, and not just the front most window. (75983)


  • Linux: MoviePlayer.AutoRepeat now works correctly to start playing the movie from the beginning, instead of at some random point in the movie. (75864)
  • macOS: Now Barcode.Image honors the Height on macOS and iOS when the barcode type is set to Barcode128 (76013)
  • macOS: Now a CheckBox celltype updates correctly its visual state when the user clicks on it and the DesktopListbox is displayed in a Popover window on macOS. (76001)
  • macOS: Fixed click x/y coordinates for DesktopListbox and DesktopCanvas on macOS when instances of these are displayed in a Popover Window. This was impeding right selection of the clicked row and reordering rows in a DesktopListbox; plus offering the right value for Y coordinate on DesktopCanvas. (75984)
  • macOS: Round button style on macOS looks now right again at runtime on macOS (75963)
  • Windows: Popovers no longer exhibit a translucency effect, which affected the background color setting. (75942)


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Thanks for the heads-up. I was actually looking, since they had previously shipped a beta.

Silly of me to think that a new release would be announced in the official forum.


No idea why they didn’t but they didn’t
At least not yet

But now that I posted here want to bet one shows up ???


Yes, it’s appeared there now… :rofl:

Seems a random set a bugs to put out a release; is that so they can say “see, we did do a big fix only release” :rofl:

The shortest announcement I’ve ever seen for a Xojo release, I’d say.

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As I had privately said to another friend I expected that once I mentioned the release here & on the INN Discord that Xojo would eventually post about it

And sure enough right on time a couple of hours later there it is


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Do you think Alyssa herself was surprised? :slight_smile:

No idea