Funding INN to stay around

INN doesnt run for free
I has a small cost and a few of us have been kicking in to help pay that cost

If anyone else finds this site useful and would kick in a dollar or two it would insure INN keeps existing

There is a long thread already about this

I think I have a re-occuring patreon for INN. :slight_smile:

Why is the monthly hosting so expensive?


Because decent servers cost money? $35 is a decent price. I’d guess that buys a dual core 4GB VPS. I really wouldn’t want to host anything on less.

Naa… for a Forum, a simple Wordpress,Joomla!,… Site and a few other low profile Services, you do not need such expensive and powerfull VPS…

You can host something like this forum for 3-6 EUR a month. Incl. the domain, high availability and unlimited traffic. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would never host on less than a dual core.

FWIW we do have other servers people have offered
I cant say why it costs what it costs - @Garry set this up
He can

Why not, I do not agree. When I choose servers I make my choice depending on traffic to the site, how much space I need and so on. This site does not require a $35 server to run well. I’m sure you can’t tell the difference when visiting this site if it had run on a 10$ plan from Digital Ocean (or similar). Look at the activity on this site, there is no such need. 35$ = far too much money right now. Better to save the money and scale up later if needed.

Kindly / A


I mean we could migrate to reddit. That’d be free :upside_down_face:


Because you want at least two cores for proper concurrency. The server has to run at the minimum php, nginx/apache, and mysql/postgresql. While the database is certainly not very big, you want to make sure you have the memory to store its contents for best performance. And there is the other work the system needs to do. 2 cores is the minimum I would throw at anything besides static content.

I agreed and signed for 4,50 and I do hope others do also. All here will use INN but nobody wants to pay. One of the goals is that we have the same community software and that is ne Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or other stuff. the expenses have to be paid. I hope more than only a few will follow

I’m talking about this site and what it needs to function properly… there is no need for a $35 server if this site only contains this forum. I do still not agree with you, there are not 30+ people at the same time writing here. Of course the configuration you suggest will run better, but my point is there is no need and the users will not be able to tell the difference. (Except if you visit when updating the server and so on… but that’s not a big issue here.)

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Posts arent the only metric for considering “traffic” :slight_smile:
We get a lot of anonymous readers and crawlers
Enough to justify a $35 DO server ? Dunno

If there often are 60 or more requests per minute I absolute agree with thommcgrath, but I guess that is not the case. But I’m just guessing based on the posts here, so I may be wrong. The server owner can tell.

Kindly / A

Nice, so far…

Looks like the costs are covered! One more person might help to reach over the finish line though.

I haven’t read this thread until today. Of course I’ll chip in :slight_smile:

Is that cheap? :grin:

I recently upped my monthly donation
Would be nice to have a couple more patrons

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11.31.40 AM

30 of it I am paying from next month. Hope that Is the end of discussion about.

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I was paying $5/month but stopped due to disagreements with the moderation.