Free FileMaker Developer Subscription

If anyone fancies a free FileMaker Developer subscription they have an offer on for a free subscription to their developer plan (usually $99). It includes access to FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, FileMaker Go, FileMaker WebDirect, and the FileMaker Data API. Also included are the FileMaker iOS App SDK (software development kit), the FileMaker data migration tool, and the FileMaker app upgrade tool.

Open to students and those ‘recently displaced by Covid’ - most of us have been impacted by the virus in one way or the other…

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For a company that deals with data like Claris does, their website is poorly done.

It requires a 2nd address field (which 99.9% of people don’t need/use)
And you have to guess how to make it accept a phone #,

We’ll see how the rest of the process goes… but thanks for this data

just try the form and they don’t like my phone no.
what kind of format are they expecting??

I just typed in 10 raw digits… finally…
and actually expected a robo-response within a few minutes…
been over an hour and nothing

just put a phone no 1234567890 and it accept

yes… that is what I said… wonder if anyone has gotten a response from Claris after submitting this info?

Anyone yet to get a response from Claris?

They can be a little slow on the licencing front…its not automated in any way.

A little slow? well its been 6 days… not much on customer service I’m guessing?

nothing… and no I did not put in a fake phone #, but I had to put in a raw unformatted phone #

And how can I yet have an account? they haven’t responded to me with that informatino (which I ASSUME was the reason for the initial login)

I just got a email from claris with the license no and link for the downloads
did you get anything yet???

I also received my license certificate and download links today, 8 days after filling out the form.