Formatted Text Control Has a New Home and is Open Sourced

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Does anybody know the current status of FTC? I followed the link in @bkeeney 's article but there is no link to the plugin or source. I’d even be interested in purchasing it still. However, I can’t find any way to get it. Is there any comparable plugin that’s still available? I just need text highlighting. Thank you!

The group that purchased it from Bob basically owns it, all rights etc
You’d have to contact them about availability of sources

Sorry I cant be of more help

Thank you, @npalardy. I’ll reach out to them.

any feedback would be much appreciated !

I sent an email to the contact address on the linked site and Brian Gaines responded. He sent me the last release of FTC along with a bit of history on the control and how he uses it in his products. He was very helpful!

Did he say when it would be posted publicly? I may have a usage in mind, but not for several months, and I can’t believe he wants people to keep emailing him individually about it! I would rather not bother him like that!


Hi Karen,

I’ve just emailed him to ask if he would be OK if I copy it to Github. He did say that Github would be a good place to coordinate work on the control. So I believe you will be able to get it from a place like that in the near future.

It has been re-licensed as MIT open source, however, I’m aware that this is something that he paid for. So, it’s a bit of an awkward situation, and I thought I should ask permission before I just quickly upload it publicly. I’ve never bought sole rights to a control like this before, but it seems like it would be expensive.

I’ll update here when I hear back.

is it API1 or 2 ?

I’d guess API 1 as moving it to API 2 had no real benefit for a HUGE pile of work

Brian gave his blessing to put it on Github and is looking forward to that being a place where people can submit fixes, enhancements, etc. to keep FTC alive and thriving!

You can find it here: GitHub - atomiccity/FormattedTextControl: The Formatted Text Control for Xojo. The repo currently is exactly what he gave me to download.


I haven’t seen any API 2, but there could be some code I missed when I was looking through it.

as it is API1, do you think we should tell xojo forum of this fantastic news ?

Nope. If you see someone in need, privately message them, but it’s against their rules to post about inn on their forum. We’re not here to cause trouble.