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Another contender steps into the ring

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Best of it: no frontend knowledge needed…wow. You will not get through the Appstore check without. Apple will show you what not to do in their case.

Note the application architecture: flet actually runs as a server that your code connects to via sockets/pipes. Think of it as a kind of X-windows-like arrangement. They have some workarounds for mobile that would, in theory, work on desktop, as well. A benefit of this approach is this will allow multiple languages to be used with it. Also, I imagine the single window desktop limitation for Flutter still applies.

That’s why it is not a real solution for mobile apps and also not for desktop. Ui has to be according to iOS rules and that’s it. And that means not only ui framework.

With codenameone I have a plain java app compiled via parparvm to xcode iOS and compiled to android to a native app in both cases and also generated jar file as javase app or even packaged for desktop. So why would I do that with python, flutter or what ever. I already have a solution which is open source and running like a Charm

NO ONE is trying to convince to change.
This posts are intended for those looking for options.
You alreadi did several showing “your solution”.

If you are not interested in the tool, just ignore the post.

:rofl: There are thousands of apps in the app stores that uses custom UIs. If you dont like them, well that is JUST YOUR opinion, not a rule.

That just mean the UI can be created with imperative programming model :roll_eyes:

It is not that I don’t like them but I know that without any knowledge of UI it will not work. So stop being that rude. If you don’t like what I say for an option which is non real option: don’t read it. Sorry but what you presented is not an option.

And by the way it is not “my” Solution. It is a Solution with more than 20k Apps in AppStores. So I guess: it is better for people looking for Options getting Options which are working and proved. And that you don’t like it: your problem. We are living in a free world.

But presenting a “Solution” which is coming up with a running “Server” inside IOS can result in a not accepted App, if you don’t know: read Appstore rules and you may get why.

By the way I was not speaking about unique UI’s presented by Developers. I spoke about UI Rules for presenting an App to the App Store. Not fulfilling the rules results in: no acceptance through Apple from Appstore.

The next is: nobody knows how long this Apps can run. When Apple changes the rules a bit - and they will - it ends up. What I am speaking about is Xcode compiled Apps what means native compiled Apps. A big difference.

Beside that it is what it is: a progressive Web App. That makes another pile of problems. PWA you have to maintain the entire time or they will die. Why? While the Browser and the Web Engine handling of the JavaScript changes with all framework changes implemented by the Web Engine deliverer. In case of IOS: Apple. And there I know exactly what that means.

So leave the Java Solution beside, no problem. It was also only showing an alternative for real compiled App Development.

But what you provide with this Solution is no Solution. That you could write instead also with a JavaScript Framework and Cordova. And all of us know:that kind of Apps are slow and needing Maintenance in short time. So maybe you can’t accept Java. That I would understand. But rude reactions when the fundamental Idea behind the critics is that it is not a real Solution: sorry that I am not accepting.

To make it clear: we are speaking about IOS Apps builded from Webapps NOT running directly in the Browser. It is a totally different thing compared to running in the Browser itself or to present in the Appstore where it has to be an App and not a PWA. That I wanted to make clear.

It is not my Opinion. To lead people to write Apps for IOS without any knowledge of UI Building and Rules for UIS leads to a broken App and nothing else. That has nothing to do with me and like or not. That has to do with the Rules. There is not said: native. But there is said how a UI shall be and what it shall be. And not a IVAN can say it is okay and we accept dreamland.

We have several PWAs (B4X + BANano = vanilla Javascript) running for years used by thousands of users without needing to do any maintenance on them, so I do not agree with your statement that a PWA is automatically ‘a pile of problems’ nor that they are all slow. In fact, the speed of most of our PWAs is almost indistinguishable from native apps.

We like (and use) Java too for some projects in our company, but in many cases a PWA is definitely a very good solution.

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Post edited: since I son’t want to build up flame wars I edited this Post.

Indeed: I am speaking about IOS Apps builded with frameworks as mobile Apps. Not about WebApps. The Problems are coming up when using as an IOS App. Total different use case.

Magic rules that if the app does not follow them will be magically deleted from the app stores and rejected by users :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Now, THAT is to live in dreamland.

In the real world, there are no “RULES”, there are GUIDELINES. Most end users dont even know them.


So, you dont even know what a PWA app is… Desktop, iOS, Android, those are the same use case :roll_eyes:

But yea, sure, your way is the only correct way, enjoy it, move along and leave the other millions using tools like this discuss their incorrect ways of doing things :wink:

I understand Thorsten that he only refers to PWAs in the iOS App Store and there are known problems / risks / limitations there. The feedback from Apple is always a certain lottery, or it costs nerves, only with PWAs it may be a bit more. Plus he is arguing that with his toolset chain he can build natively.

Nevertheless, every solution is interesting and exciting on its own and worth to be presented on INN. What someone uses or not => people can and will only decide for themselves.

Screenshot Source: Publish your PWA to the iOS App Store | PWA Builder Blog


Thanks for your input Thorsten. It was helpful. I had no idea there was an issue with PWA’s in the iOS App Store. Good to know.

As Ivan said, I just posted it for folks to know what’s out there. I’m sorta python obsessed since I use it so much with my data science projects. It’s nice to be able to apply knowledge in several domains. The promise of Xojo is of course what I’m mostly yearning for…

I love python, no question and I use it often for hardware communication layers and so on. The best scripting language, that’s no question. And yes, I believe the Idea behind Xojo is brilliant. But I started to earn in cases like this while nothing is such drama like a ready to go app and no chance to distribute or problems after two years.

I have my cross platform Toolchain which gives me that what I would want to get with Xojo. And that’s it. But I leave exotical Ideas where apple can immediately say: ok, we don’t support this anymore where they are supposed to be. Not in use. I want and need with iOS native compiled xcode projects and that’s it.

Second rule is not to use fancy but exotical niche stuffs with a small Userbase. Because the chance to get bad Support is near :100:%. That does not mean that I would not even test but for Production I need my codebase to work over years.

An at the end: pea in browser as Webapps aren’t the Problem. As massively wrapped application the situation is differing.

When and if you say I wanna Test it- okay. But for Production a broad support base is making for me a difference. And security is another aspect. But you have to decide by self.

Behind the scenes apple follows it’s own rules for accepting pea or even not accepting peas. So believe what you want to. I can say: not all pea generated apps are even accepted. But like always you behave so arrogant. Man. Stop this idiotism Ivan. I know exactly how this works with apple and your rofl shows:you have no idea about the rules behind the guidelines. But you really believe you are always right. Nice info: you are not.

This rules, let it called internal technical Standards can break necks. And as more far away you are from their standard way as higher is the risk that they kick your App. Beside that the Hardware Abstraction is always a big problem. Means: on Top you App is limited to the abilities of JavaScript. With the Solution I was speaking about you are not.

And so: what you want to tell me about Apple? That they have no Rules for Appstore checking? That Apple has no definitions when and if they will or will not accept? That is a moment where I could say rofl. But let’s make it more simple. They have Rules and this defined Rules are defining the conditions about checking an App and its needs for acceptance. For the users they made a few guidelines. In fact: often they are not accepting a PWA and that’s it. May be you have one App outside without problems. There are tons with.

So could you please check what you tell before publishing especially when you tell other people that they are idiots like you tried with me? Thank you.

Last but not least: the way you try to attack is not they way we should be used to in this forum. and when and if you don’t like my stuffs I am writing: please do me a favor and ignore me. You can do it directly here in the forum. Never you need to see one word of mine. Then you can be without that disturbances and that’s it. I will not ask you for permission to write something or not to. And I will not be silent while you believe I have to. I have not. Especially not when you believe you can tell me when to speak or not.

If you’re mainly doing data science and delivering UIs for data products, you may want to look at Dash and similar capabilities (Streamlit, Viola, etc. – nice discussion here). These will probably be more efficient for that sort of interaction, though I would be interested in hearing more about your potential use cases if they would go beyond what something like Dash would offer, and you’d need more of a classic desktop app. This is a space I’m actively developing in.