Flutter for windows is finally here

Seems its time to learn a new language :slightly_smiling_face:

yes. Kotlin native.

With Kotlin you can program Android, IOS, Web, Windows, Linux and MacOS. That makes Code cross platform.

After that where is the need for Flutter and Dart? In my view it is less complex to learn kutlin especially as a Xojo user than learning flutter. And Kotlin will be available for a guaranteed long time while running on JVM and compilable to native code as needed.

There are quite a few cross platform dev tools that are very, very close to matching Xojo capabilities. Xojo is screwed because there’s no way they can innovate fast enough to match these newcomers. I think they’ve wasted their opportunities.


Yes, I’m afraid so :cry:

Sounds so. They lost against Flutter and Kotlin definitely. With Kotlin Web they lost completely. They have no chance anymore to fill that gaps while all this is inside of a consistent language. Even Flutter is really nice. No question. As I am a Java Programmer I learned Kotlin really fast while - it is fast to learn. Multiplatform in a real nice way while codesharing over all platforms is possible. If they build up a cross platform UI designer, Xojo will have a hard time. Especially while it uses - like Xojo - the native controls and is native compiled.

Very much so. I’m all in on PHP and bootstrap after all the problems with Web 1.0. I looked forward to Web 2.0 but that ended up being even worse. I guess now we have to wait for Web 3.0, except no one cares anymore. Xojo messed up big time.