Even Private Messages You Can't Link to IfNotNill

How funny. I sent a private message to someone on TOF and provided a link to this website and got an ‘error’.


Elon did this to Mastodon when he bought that one website…
So sure, that’s a great way to behave.

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I guess is a global configuration, if not allowed public not allowed private. I don’t expect a filter for some words to only work public and no private.

Essentially more of Xojo’s gaslighting to prevent discussion.

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oh dear :person_facepalming:

It is helping them to hold their forum clean. They don’t w<nt any xojo related forum or group inside when and if you can read there critics or about Bugs, Errors and misleading policies. That is the normal behavior for a company like that. What are you all thinking. Xojo exists especially cause of it’s community, the clean and no criticism community. When speaking about Bugs and errors: that is ranting. Especially when and if you pres the right buttons. Like for example the not abailable ability of importing web 1.0 projects. That is Xojo. That;s their way of behaving with customers. I guess all of you know it. Many of you are in that forum active and looking on critics as a misleading use of the forum. So mark it. And the people doing exactly what the company wants: following the line of the company.

In this situation: who wants to read INN then? Why should I allow INN to be discussed in any part of my Environment? It is not a democratic forum at all. It is a vendor Forum. Their form of Support for their customers. Support you’ll get only by the customers. Why? While there is no Support crew.

In my eyes there is no question: this forum isn’t a community forum. It only feels like it. And if anybody asks: I tried to get help for a few problems. What I got was a bit amount of answers which I could not use, Why? Because the underlaying problem was not that I misunderstood the docs or the buggy docs itself. It was a Bug in their Software. Client Time was such thing in Web 1.0. I did not tried in Xojo Web 2.0.

So what is this forum? Mainly it is the best advertisement they can have. While people looking and see: OHHH we get all kinds of support there, people are friendly and NOOO critics. Rare in communitues like this. Normally you’ll have tons of critics inside. MUST be a good solution for my problems. That’s how it is starting everytime. And this concept works.

Considering what we have I can only see: there can not be any real world discussion in that forum. People have to follow. Not following ones have to be banned. Banned people can’t speak anymore. Solution for the problem. And why? While critics are dangerous for their marjeting success with exactly their Support forum.

Xojo as a language isn’t that bad. The problem is the company around? No. The problem is that people are not understanding how it is driven. Other vendors would not exist anymore for the last 10 years at least. While too less revenue and too high costs. But Xojo was existing and is still existing. And that can only work when and if new people are coming (at least as much as going and leaving) and the existing ones buying every year brave their new release. Not for an Update pricing but for the price of a new license.

Analyzing that System you get even one more time that it is really important that it looks good from the outside. API 2.0: the more modern API. All of us know: it is nothing and not even worth to discuss. But it is the ne API and that’s it even if it is an orgy of renaming instead of cleaning out bugs. Many people where complaining about API 2.0. But not in TOF. They complained here. INN is the community with allowness for complaining and discussions. For new customers there is no INN but the ommunity on their official Server. And it looks good. Shiny. Bright. Perfect. The perfect bride.

So this kind of trap is a trap which has to be clean all time. If not people will not come to buy. They will not look on it at all.

And from this reasons I am not wondering that they close their forum and the internal communication of the forum for words like inn and so on. I would do the same if I would be in the same situation. They have their business. And that is their business model. Accept it and pay if you need or not if you don’t need. You know all that there is no real bugfixing strategy. And no manpower to work on bugs in a real big amount. We all know what it is. And so you should consider staying with it and accept how and what it is or to leave and rewrite in a language of your choice. It will not help to rant about the censoring of INN. It will help to change the language if this behavior of the company disturbes you. Or to accept it. But this two way behavior: not accepting their behavior but also not leaving their product is not helping. The other way around: it destroys you performance as developer while you stop trusting. Not trusting in the platform you use is dangerous!

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try ‘genius’. Should pass :sweat_smile:

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disallowed is disallowed throughout

but you can put in shortened links that come here from bitly etc

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luckily nobody at “holdiday inn” hotel francise is using xojo :stuck_out_tongue:

Or livin’ in Germany and Austria along the river Inn. Looking further down the search results, there are a lot of companies with “inn” in their name and even museums

Again, a shoot into the own leg… our genius at work.

That would not be a problem if INN would not exist. Why it does not exist? While INN was a problem solver for people which are banned from xojo forum. Simple, isn’t it? And when you do so wou have in a really fast way a more than small problem.

Guess what they could do like codenameone. They have no own Support forum but a support which is available. And a forum for Support. Stackoverflow. There people like shay Almog answering questions about codenameone. Fast and that’s it.

Xojo has there a more than small problem. They have no Support. So their forum is their Support base. Users helping users. So they spare the money for supporters. It costs not much time to think about that.

Following that way it is a one way ticket. They can not hold people which are making trouble cause of misbehavior. And they can not go back. While no Support.

The difference to CN1 and others like this and xojo? Simple. They answer in forums like Stackoverflow. Their Supporters doing a good Job. And also users having Ideas. Beside the Supporters. At xojo there is no real Supporter. From time to time there comes an answer from their own staffs. Most comes from users. And user answers are never as good as the Supporters answers when and if you have done your homework.