European Calculators : DOT vs COMMA

In the US, numbers are expresesed as
and in Europe the “,” and “.” are swapped

my question is… .do the physical keys on a calculator keypad reflect this as well


i think it’s not just europe, but in fact many country countries

its like miles/gallon, usa is not normal, the rest of the world is

I need to know what a CALCULATOR would be

Looking at Amazon UK and Amazon Spain for calculators, I don’t see a physical key change.

Changing the settings on a mac I’m using, the calculator changes from “.” to “,”

But I don’t live there. I hope someone who does can share more information.

iOS has a setting to select these characters, I decided to support whatever the user selected

ios has (currently) 4 values

[.] [,] - standard US displays
[,] [.] - many European displays
[ ] [.] - various countries
[ ] [,] - various countries

if the decimal sep is a , for now I use the opposite of the selected thousand sep.

on physical calculators here in europe we still have a dot, and no comma.
on emulated calculators (like on an iphone) we have a comma as a decimal separator
but here in france we dont use the dot at all even for thousands separators.


Picture of your calculator program looks really nice! Does iOS include two tone color button styles like you are using or are those your own custom styled buttons? Only thing in my calculator feature request list would be a full display of math expression but I guess it would be hard to make fit on a small screen.

The buttons are the result of using custom PNG files as the background images

I suppose a person could make one like this actual calculator display