Entire career is technical debt :)



Lol yea this fits nicely with the Lianja thread and today’s discussion of xBase++.

There is a part of me that doesn’t like to throw away things that aren’t broken, especially when they work well and can still be improved.

(I went through a retro computing phase recently, playing in my non-existent spare time with writing code for a certain 8-bit OS, and it was a blast, given that even a Z-80 software emulation is around 10x faster than the original hardware. But TBH I’m not sure how we got anything useful done on such limited hardware; I have become soft, lol.)

Alaska Software claims there are still a million users worldwide using xBase software in some form or other, and I believe them (although “a million” sounds like a wild guess, it’s probably not wrong, either). Just as there is still COBOL code running in banks.

That said, I’m using the latest C# compiler for actual paying work and I have coded anew large parts of the system I presided over for the past decade and a half and it’s running at least 3x faster and producing better output by applying lessons learned, so …


LOL, I expected a download link to the memoirs of Genius (of course behind a paywall)

Chapter 1. All code rots or gets replaced, or how I invented API2


:shushing_face: If @thorstenstueker sees some of those comments about Java he’s going to get apoplectic.

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How I misunderstood and thought that once its written it’s DONE and never has to be looked at again

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Your comment in a picture. I already hear a whiff of thunder … :slight_smile:


The look on that bears face say Dinner Time !

Scroll forward to 4:07

2:08 is pretty accurate too :stuck_out_tongue:

DEPRECATION, in the world of IT

summarized by the Buddha, ~2500 years ago:

All conditioned things are impermanent,
Their nature is to arise and pass away;
When we see this truth,
We will become disenchanted and find liberation."

Chapter 20, Verse 277 of the Dhammapada.


Too early for that kind of realization dude…

“disenchantment” hits the nail on its head …

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