Emulating a Raspberry Pi in a VM

Has anyone successfully managed to create a Raspberry Pi VM on macOS running Raspbian? I’m trying to debug a Xojo app using the remote debugger and currently have an actual Pi with a separate monitor and keyboard staff on my desk. It’s a real PITA. I can’t find a straightforwards way to get a Pi VM like I have for both Windows 10 and Ubuntu using Parallels on my Mac.

Does anyone have any tips?

What problem(s) are you having?

I have done this but it was not much use as it runs X86 code, at least when I did it 2 years or so ago.

I hadn’t realised that the Raspberry Pi foundation support an x86 version of Raspbian (get it here). This will do as what I’m actually debugging is how some UI controls look on the Raspbian OS so I’m not too fussed about the underlying CPU architecture.

Raspbian was a better name :upside_down_face:

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The problem I had when I tried it about a year ago, I could not find any way to change the resolution in the VM and it was horidly big/small (depending on your perspective). I’ll have to give it another go, I have several VirtualBox machines.

problem with diagnosing/building on an Intel for Pi is the Intel vs ARM CPU thing. I do a lot of PIs and “ship” the code to the PI and use it as a separate machine., I have never had any good luck on running “pi” as a VM.

if you have any luck in running raspbian/PI as a VM on your mac, please let me know.


PS> I have a portable GtiLab server that runs on a PI that generates its own hotpot. that way when I am at a cigar shop/den/lounge or cafe or whatever I can push my code off my laptop to something else.