Electron vs Xojo …

Saw an interesting podcast:

Making modern GUIs with Python and ElectronJS

Basically they use Python for the backend and Electron to create the frontend.

I guess that should be doable with Xojo as well? Maybe by using the Einhugur Python plugin?

Does anyone have experience with this and cares to share?

If I can escape from the coronavirus in the Seattle area, I will be giving a talk at Xojo.CONNECT on the use of Xojo with Python. One of the areas that I explore is using Xojo as the front-end for a Python application without any plug-ins. I do not want to over-promise here (I am a distinctly amateur programmer and I have sort of been fumbling around in the dark), but you can get interesting results.

There are many very nicely looking frontend solutions on the market, and many of them are critically unsecure and often add a vast array of dependencies which cannot be overseen. Electron is one of them: https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvekey.cgi?keyword=Electron.
I am glad we can be quite confidently state to deliver Xojo apps free of suspicious code with its handful of trusted 3rd party developers.

Maybe write an article for xDev? Marc is always interested in new stuff …

That sounds fascinating @anon81583535. I can’t make the conference this year but I am planning on picking up the session videos. I’ll look forwards to seeing it.