Electron is already old school => Tauri app!

yes it might be counter intuitive for old people like us doing desktop apps to have html in desktop, but it worked for a while
you might be using electron apps without knowing it : spotify, slack, discord, postman, vscode, vs codium for the most famous

That explains a lot, I tried the Spotify app and hated it so much, that I went back using it via Firefox.


?? i have it open on 2-3 comps 24/7 for iphone remote or for playing, it’s fine maybe you don’t listen a lot of music, in europe it’s most spread
and you still use firefox as primary browser !!??

For there are too many limitations in html for Desktop. Performance is the biggest Issue. Therefore I am not using it. Using JavaFX is giving me the needed performance and the security that my App will run on all platforms and not with all month changing soucecode and libs. Maybe the young generation believes it is heavens technology but it is let me say a bad helper to use html. I am not using it with any App I am writing. Not for 3D not for 2D.

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oki, good for you :slight_smile:

You use the tool that does the job. If Electron (or its derivatives) can do the job well then use it. If it’s Java, Xojo, or .NET then use it. I don’t think anyone thinks desktop HTML is perfect but you can create some powerful apps with it. Maybe it’s not ideal for your application but for other developers it might be perfect.

Honestly, this is like poo-pooing Xojo simply because it’s a ‘basic’ language. You can make good desktop apps with Xojo and it fills a need for many developers. It has problems, for sure, but it has many strengths too (trust me as I get into Go development there are some things that Xojo has done well on).

Electron doesn’t fit your purpose. That’s fine.

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I am using it while it does the jOB exactly.

Electron is the wrong way. but anyhow, there is no need for poopooing it. your’e right. By the way: I know that you can make Desktop Apps with it. But I know also: sometimes it is really slow. Sometimes you need for a fungersnnip an expensive add-on. That I was speaking always about.

lol, you are funny.
you are in denial of the factual reality you can’t apprehend.
like it or not, there might be a hundred million of people using a electron app right now. like it or not.
name 1O java desktop apps that normal people use everyday ?
i have zero java app on my comp, last time i checked one, years ago, was slow.

yes looks nice, one thing for sure, the egemony days of electron will soon be over

i’ve learned go a bit lat year, for backend, pretty cool

but rust is gainig a lot of traction in the dev world:

What he thinks and wants does not matter. C++, C, JAVA, PYTHOIN ARE THE MOST USED LANGUAGES.

Imo if it can be run in a browser it should be run in a browser. If a corp wants to break out of the browser sandbox when there’s no technical necessity for it they probably just want to steal your data.

You use something other than Firefox? :scream:

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Java as desktop app isnt so common - they exist but well done ones hide well
For some its THE exact right choice (like Thorsten)
For others it isnt

Java as backend IS extremely common

Personally as a dev I have several because they do what they say very well
DBeaver is one of my favourites

SAP, Oracle, SIEMENS, Gnal Electric and many more also insurances and so on relying on Java Desktop Applications with hundreds of millions of users every day. There is no electron APPLICATION WITH that amount of data every day I would bet.

hard to know stats on things like discord, and all the other electron based messaging apps (slack, zoom, wire, etc)

but some are pretty widely spread

I listen to music for 4~10 hours a day, almost every day.


Pretty much the same conclusion. I saw no advantage in running the Spotify app. If it supported Mac paradigms I might reconsider, but it didn’t appear to do so.

Bob I had to decide for my customers and their customers. And we tried out Electron, tried out also other solutions. Let me say: we choosed the best platform we could find fitting all of our needs and is reliable, has a code-lifetime of decades and a wide supported platform.

Therefore we even looked on QT and made a few projects with it. And yes, it is nice. But is has too many leaks. And the garbage collection is driving crazy.

But none of the html driven tools was giving me the stability, long term consistency and long term security support JavaFX is giving to me. Simply: there is no other platform giving this. I don’t want to de facto rewrite all of my code every three years.

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Okay. Starting with HP they use their in House APPLICATION for Production Management on 240000 Seats. Starting with ALLIANZ INSURANCE. 340000 Seats. And so on.

You really believe there is even one electron App outside with a data amount like this? I guess no. And that makes the first problem.

Looking on Discord on Windows it is relative stable. On Ios it is not really. On MacOS it is also not really. On Android: nope. They try to get that running well but…

IMHO the rise of Electron apps, is because of the failure of Xojo.
If Xojo had focused on improving the capability, quality and reliability of produced apps, it wouldn’t matter if the language was “Basic” like or not.

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Zoom has several million users according to

Now it is a different use case than the apps you’re referring to and usage patterns are different
But there are electron apps with huge installed bases

MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp & Skype for instance

But its really not a contest
Nor does it need to be

Devs use and make apps with lots of tools and depending on their needs they’ll pick from the tools that work best to meet those needs

For you Java fits that bill
For others its Electron
For others its something else
But for many of us that frequent here its no longer Xojo because

of this


A small editorial:

Development Stack of ZOOM

For native applications

Zoom uses Android and Ionic frameworks for its native applications. The list of key tools includes Android Studio, Android SDK, Visual Studio, Apple Code, and iOS SDK. Swift and Objective C are used for the iOS backend, while Kotlin and Java are for Android applications.

Besides that, Vonage Video API, CometChat, Wowza GoCoder SDK, Twilio, Quickblox, and PubNub are the third-party APIs here.

For web-based apps

WebRTC APIs are the API used for the web-based application of Zoom. The application’s front end consists of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. However, the backend of Zoom is based on React JS, Vue, and Angular JS.

So it is so that they are using only the UI Framework and the renderer but not the rest of the Techstack around. What you want to tell is they use Electron. Naw. They are not. They use as UI framework Ionic for a long time. Based on Vue. And they use this with their internal bindings for Ios, Android, macOS, windows…in short: for ll of their Apps. there is no native javascript based app. There is a kotlind app or a swift / Objective C App behind and only the renderer is Vue. AND THAT, BY THE WAY, WITH A NATIVE RENDERER.

So to compare that with that what you wanted to show: they have no cross platform stuff. They write and develop for every platform the single app. Non cross platform means also: that isn’t that what fits to Xojo users. They bought Cross platform.

Only as a small editorial. And to give a hint why there is more behind than you realized in front.