Drag row from Listbox to drop in Textfield

On TOF there is a thread about how to do this and some of the solutions are more complex than need be
The Xojo TextArea will accept drag & drops of TEXT IF you simply set the type of text to “public.utf8-plain-text” (there are others that it will accept if the text area is styled

  1. new desktop project (I used 2020r2.1)
  2. add a text area and a listbox
  3. enable “allow row dragging” on the listbox in the inspector
  4. implement the listbox open event to put some text tin several rows
  5. implement the listbox dragrow event with
drag.RawData("public.utf8-plain-text") = Me.Cell(row,0) 
Return True

you’re done
now drag the listbox rows into the text area

Which ones? :wink:

public.rtf seems to work for the bits of RTF that TextAreas support
and public.html may as well