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Does anyone here have any thoughts on website tlds for software companies? I’m launching a new site in the new year and thinking the traditional .com might be a little boring? Thinking of using .dev or .io and redirecting the .com to it but comments and opinions very welcome!

personally I dont think the TLD matters significantly

lots will expect a business to be a .COM but if its not its not that big a deal any more

just my 2 cents CDN (so 1.3 USD)

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TLDs is only important for DNSSEC and if you do not manage your own DNS. As Software company try to impress with an technically well crafted own infrastructure, esp. your mail server and webserver with the best rankings in tools, I’ve named here.

My recommendation would be .com because it is pretty standard. Everyone knows what a .com is. If you can snag a good one. People blink at me when I tell them my (personal) email address is .me. I frequently get asked “” “No, dot-em-ee.”

.dev requires a SSL certificate, and is frequently used by developers for things in development. I haven’t seen a lot of consumer websites at .dev. Not that it can’t be valuable, I picked up when Hal finally called it quits.

.io is just needlessly expensive and wasn’t anything more than a fad. I gave back to Xojo when the cost of keeping the domain outweighed how many people actually used it.

There is .software and I’m miffed I didn’t grab, but works for me and is a slight nod to I use apps from two different developers actively using .software.

If you’re launching a single app, Google decided to confuse everyone and make .app a real TLD. I dread the day .exe becomes one, and unfortunately .zip is already here: Zip domains, a bad idea nobody asked for

I would also recommend avoiding that no-vowel nonsense. That fad passed.

Just some thoughts :slight_smile:
Best of luck!

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Thanks for your comments so far guys.

Thanks @Tim for the detailed answer. I’m looking at DNSSEC @TomasJ (planning to run own DNS and Web Servers).

Thanks for the currency conversion @npalardy :joy:

“.com” if you want people to remember. You can also get fun names, but make sure you get the .com, otherwise you might be accidentally redirecting some of your customers elsewhere.

Definitely get the .com and make that your primary site, you might also pick up a few additional tld’s, like if you have specific applications you work on, you can pick up the .app for that name and forward it to the page on your .com site that specifically deals with the app.

Personally, I wear so many different hats that I have registered a number of tld’s based on my various specialties.

I have my main site, a .com, then a .radio for my broadcast career, a .software for the software I develop, a .dj for my nightclub & streaming career, and a .tech for my technology YouTube channel. Eventually I’m going to develop a single website that handles all of them for the .com, and then individual sites for the other tld’s that pull content from the .com based on category.

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