Does the forum need some more categories?

Title question is all really, I was looking to post something about web earlier and noticed there was no category for it and couldn’t see a way to create one.

Just ask Garry. I had asked for a Tutorials category and got it.

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Thanks Markus.

I’d add it if I could
But I’m just a moderator not an admin :frowning:

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Out of interest do you know how many members the forum has got?

I’d love all the Xojo forum members to come here too, great forum software and more relaxed rules means I’m checking here each day and not the official one now.

I should go track him down and ask him, Torquay where he lives isn’t that far from me! (85 miles)

All done. New “Web” category added.

Always happy to meet other local developers @anon18404023. We’ll probably have to take a rain check for a bit - liable to get shot by the army in the current climate :slight_smile:

I’d love for more users. The count is slowly growing but it’s obviously impossible to talk about it on the official Xojo forum without, at best, the thread being locked or, at worse, being banned from the forum. Getting the word out is the challenge so please feel free to spread the word.

Thanks Garry, you’re a star. Yes, everything on hold for the time being.

Normally I drive between Truro and Southampton every two weeks so happy to meet for a coffee sometime when all this is over.

Thanks for adding the category, I most definitely will spread the word.

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this one ?
50+ or so

That’s why I’m sneaking in links to this forum into my xDev articles … :innocent: