Does anybody use an Apple Device?

Well, this is the best example so far for not using Apple Devices for mission critical purposes:

The OCSP Apple Server was (or still is?) down…

One incident over how many years ?

But, I will agree that assuming “the network is always up and systems are always reachable” has huge implications

It’s patently NOT true

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Well due to the fact that RFC 6960 ist less than 7 years old and due to the fact that most so called operating systems are transformed to ad-platforms and crippled locked down service-platforms on the “edge” so that either experienced users and developers do not have full access to the system once bought, i would say this scenario will become the new normal in the next years.

Well you may recall this thread in the next couple of years, you are welcome!

You are have the choice to use an alternate, free os without vendor lock. Just pick out one of those.

Here is another article:

With Big Sur and its hidden network traffic even little snitch cannot control, there is a perfect side-channel compromising any VPN and TOR. You are not only not in control of your computer, Apple (and so forth NSA, FiveEyes and others) always know where you are and what you do.

Finally macOS became like Win10…
Bye Bye Apple…

Does anybody know if Xojo runs on Elemenatry OS?

I think so
Its been mentioned once or twice on TOF

But there are also some “How the F did you get it working” posts about Elementary as well
I cant say I’ve ever used Elementary

Yes, can confirm. What version of Xojo do you want to install?

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Give Linux Mint a try. Best for novice users in sense of compatibility for different Xojo versions and your compiled programs.

which desktop to download???

[Cinnamon] An edition featuring the Cinnamon desktop
[MATE] An edition featuring the MATE desktop
[Xfce] An edition featuring the Xfce desktop

Give either the Ubuntu based Cinnamon or the Debian based (LMDE 4) a try.

And here some information for our resident conspiracy theorists :wink::

Big Sur and this affair leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The AppleInsider article reads like “nothing to see, go along”. If I say I want to block traffic then I don’t want that bypassed. If I won’t want to install an update then I don’t want the update (I never updated to 10.15.7). Apple is becoming like Microsoft a couple of years ago.


At least Apple have owned up to this failure and have said that they’re going to work to prevent it happening again.

Scroll to the bottom of the page.


We do not use data from these checks to learn what individual users are launching or running on their devices.

This sounds quite good though the elephant in this sentence to me is “from these checks”. However In the end of the day we all have to believe in Apple Inc but this is not my understanding of Security, Privacy and Integrity of my data and digital infrastructure. I need evidence and rather believe in the transparent peer-review of the open source community. By the way same methods apply in science. So please let’s not kid on this Markus.

Everybody should keep in mind that Apple doesn’t sell computers or devices (anymore). We are not their customers, we are just users. I do say this with clear reference to Edward Tufte and his powerful quote.

There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.

Apple sells subscriptions and a life-style ecosystem with the content industry as their main customer. To proof this you only need to take a peek into the annual fiscal reports: Apple’s Services segment posted revenue of $46.3 billion in the fiscal year 2019. That’s almost twice the sales in Mac segment ($25.7 billion in 2019) or the Sales in tablet segment ($21.3 billion in 2019). In fact that’s pretty close the combined sum of them both. Apple’s service business posted gross margins of 63.7%, approaching double the 32.2% gross margin of the company’s product sector. As a whole, Apple’s subscription business (including subscription apps) grew 40% year-over-year.

Still any questions where Apple is heading? Just follow the money…

The Bottomline:

For many years I see a function and feature creep on Apple devices. I’ve recieved iCloud Ads within my iOS Settings (I do not use iCloud - I have my Nextcloud on my hardware, behind my own firewall within my network) The Apple Music Player is quite unuseable because of Apple Music Ads (guess what, I don’t use it, streaming my Music and Videos from my own server via Subsonic/ Ampache) and I am nudged aggressively to use Apple Pay when installing a new iOS version or setting up a new device.

The fact that Big Sur is preventing Personal Firewalls like Little Snitch from monitoring and blocking traffic is a new dimension tough not a surprising one to me.

For myself I’ve headed to Debian Linux on my servers and desktops for many years and actually I am conducting first experiments with PinePhone and Mobian. The last reason why I still use my macOS (Mojave ) is the Retina Display and some Apps (Xojo is one of them) only running on Macs in acceptable fashion.

P.S. Is the device you are buying and using still yours? Lets take a look what Google does (Source):

Google designed and implemented its Android operating system and apps to extract and transmit large volumes of information

It’s the whole fucking industry misleading their “Users”. The operating systems we used to know are not existing anymore, they became ad platforms in the past decade. Apple, Google, Microsoft, basically all they do the same only for different audiences. Shoshana Zuboff is damn right in her observations she named “surveillance capitalism”.

Oh in the meantime while I was writing these news marched in:

noyb files compaints against Apple and their IDFA
already covered by leading newspapers and media e.g. German FAZ

Haha and a clear blow against Irelands’ corrupt DPA where Apples’ HQ in Europe is located.

Further reading

I really don´t understand why people says that.

Windows ask permissions for most of the calling home features right at the beggining with the user configuration.

Allows to have a local acount to not be tied up to a “Microsoft account”, nor deppending on an online store.

The rest of the online functions, including updates can be disabled with a couple of clicks.

Not perfect, but your device is yours, you can install and run apps without asking permission to a big brother deciding for you. Block the traffic, etc.

So are you saying that Windows is now more customer centric than Apple? Apple have worked so hard recently to ensure that people get updates even if they don’t want them.

I saw a great comment yesterday “Used to be Apple Computer, now it’s Apple’s Computer”.

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well, have I told you that I’ve made my first steps away from Apple… the journey has started yesterday.