Docker Desktop Container

Messing around with setting up docker desktop to have a “production like” test environment for Web 2.0 applications
I’m trying to set up Ubuntu 20.04 but am having trouble finding the required libs

Was reading Console Application in Docker Container (Ubuntu vs. Alpine) - Linux - Xojo Programming Forum

@jotter ? @Scott ?

Ubuntu seems , after much poking around, reasonable
But there are definitely some questions I have that maybe you guys might know the answer to ?

Thanks ! Those instructions help a lot

But I still have other questions :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a docker container running postgres that another needs to access

I’m guessing that a user defined bridge is in order ?

@jotter @scott

Anyone else ?

If both are running on the same Docker host, then that’s what I’d do, too…

A googled Tutorial: How To Communicate Between Docker Containers - Tutorial Works
Docker Docs: Use bridge networks | Docker Documentation