Do you own an AppleTV Device? Do you enjoy Solitaire?

if you answered YES to those two questions here is a third.
Would you like to beta test a Solitaire Collection for the Apple TV. It uses the Siri Remote to emulate a regular mouse, and contains (at this time) 76 different games.

I need 2 or 3 people willing to devote some time to find things I’ve missed, make suggestions etc.

Right now this is available only on tvOS 15.0 and above. Once this version is QA’d properly I’ll be porting it to the iPad and macOS (layouts are too large to work well on just an iPhone)

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darn… nobody?

I repaired my AppleTV remote this weekend just in case this was still available (and its a USBC franken remote now). I can look through it for a few hours this week if you need someone.