Do you believe

That in the picture on the Xojo website of the woman on the laptop, that she was coding in Xojo when that as taken?

Do you believe she was coding at all?

To me looks like she is likely on a social website… either that or she was coding in Xojo and has a weird sense of humor! :wink:


seems the photos rotate… And while probably ANY of the photos used are staged, you of all people should know that women can design software (I hate the word “code” as a verb). By the same token, men can indulge in Social Media…

And we all know that Xojo does not have a “weird sense of humor”, as it has been proven they have no sense of humor at all


She looks like a hipster Counselor Troi to me. That being said, I actually do like Xojo’s website, branding, advertisement, EULAs and overall corporate brand identity. They have come a long way since Realbasic. Now if they could just release a stable product that checks 90% of the boxes, fix their gaping mismanagement issues, restore customer trust and focus on making the core (and only the core API) the best possible, and leave the features to the third party devs, I would be one of their loudest advocates.

To bad most would deem your wish list a fantasy at best… :frowning:


Even Pharaoh in all his might and glory must eventually give way to market forces.

My point was not her sex, but that I can’t ever remember looking at code in that type of pose and with a smile like that on my face!

More that likely that picture not originally taken to advertise any coding language and was just repurposed.


You know I did cite that Apple was 90 days from bankruptcy, when Gill was ran over by Steve and Apple had a solid run as we all know. Now, we know that Pharaoh will never willingly be told what to do, but as asses are pressed tighter against the wall, even inflexible people become more flexible.

Point is that it is never too late to turn it around, until the exact moment that it is.

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I have exactly that face when:

  • When I type a monster method with all sorts of complexity, click run and on the first try it compiles. (only to face much harder and extensive logical bugs later)

  • When reviewing other people’s spaghetti and being asked to offer comment.

She looks like a hipster Counselor Troi to me.

Funny you should use that adjective…

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Let’s be fair, those who have never used stock photography have not made their deadlines or have a Hasselblad set up in the next room.

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She is reading the other forum, maybe one of those, “only I know how to”… comments

She is reading THIS forum “I hope Geoff doesn’t catch me…”


Didn’t the pharaoh pursue the escaping Jews and perish when the waters Moses had parted swept back in ?
That seems to be commonly mentioned in Exodus

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stock photos

Is she verified or unverified, that’s the key.

I have never seen her avatar on TOF. I believe she has been banned for a 1000 years…