Different opinions of Xojo

We all bash Xojo, but it is interesting to read this post from Tim Dietrich. Seems like he’s really happy with it.



This is clearly on the marketing side of things.


But look what happy means in this thread: Xojo Android get text from a barcode image - #2 by Tim_Dietrich - Android - Xojo Programming Forum

Android intents are part of the OS since the beginig, you just have to write a couple lines of code to launch a barcode reader app and wait for the string result.

15 YEARS later, with xojo you only need a server, a web service app, a desktop third party plugin a protocol for the service…

Oh wow… That’s cute.

Does Android have barcode reading built-in like the macOS / iOS?


Android introduced the built-in vision api in android 5, a decade ago. And even that is “deprecated” in favor of the Machine learning Kit (Barcode scanning, Face detection, Text recognition v2, Image labeling, Object detection and tracking, etc, etc.)

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Gotchya… I expected it would do so…

I seem to remember Tim leaving FileMaker about 7-8 years ago with issues with it after building up a load of useful resources and then doing the same with Xojo 3-4 years ago?

Makes me wonder why those issues no longer matter as things at Xojo haven’t gotten any better.

Either way, I always hope developers find a tool that works for them so hope Tim is happy with his return.

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Over the past few months, I’ve had several NetSuite partners and developers reach out to me about Xojo.

Sigh… Netsuite… so I firstly doubt these “partners and developers” know anything beyond their excel-sheets and given ERP toolsets. Well, but in the land of darkness, even small lights are like giants.

Most of my current work involves developing solutions that run outside of NetSuite itself. I integrate these “external applications” with NetSuite using either SuiteAPI or SuiteTalk REST

And for me, Xojo is valuable. Extremely valuable.

Ehm… No… this is quite wrong! Firstly his “valueable” cashcow isn’t Xojo, it’s NetSuite. Precise it’s the Information asymmetry due to the fact that this ERP suite seems not really good in what it should do and why “external applications” are needed.

Tim started to use Xojo to fill this gap. Though he could use any other language or cross platform tools or even powershell/bash scripts. He has chosen Xojo based on his personal beliefs and knowledge - legit! Many of us did this years ago aswell and experienced what will happen, if you rely on somebody who gives a shit to his Professional and Business Customers.

Therefore this blog does not give any argument relating to something Xojo specific. He recalls talking with an Web API and Cross-Platform Developing? Huh, does he even tried other tools or languages? One hour in another IDE and you will not use this bloaty, slowly, quite limited Xojo IDE again.

Sorry to me this praising is bullshit! Honstly, in Consulting it’s a common practise to keep more than one tool or “secret weapon” in your toolbox to solve your customers’ needs. Those who only know how to use a hammer, see a nail in every problem.

Tim maybe successful in his bubble today. But he has a long way ahead. And from a business perspective: It is very unwise to make your business dependent on a sole company with an erratic ignorant genius CEO.


Exactly. Tim found a niche market (good for him!) but the solution has nothing to do with Xojo. As you state, It could’ve easily been done with any other language without all the headaches/workarounds Xojo is bringing to the table. Feels like another spontaneous blog post requested by Xojo to show there is still a tiny sparkle that the tool can be used by professionals. They are not their target audience though.

After the failures to move many VB6 and FileMaker devs to Xojo, it is very, very doubtful many NetSuite professionals will risk their business using Xojo. You don’t want to go down with THAT ship…

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My guess is that Xojo’s top management approached some developers, asking for testimonials in favour of Xojo. Those spontaneous blog posts have the appeal of shopping tv testimonials.


Despite the fact I am on the optimistic side, this blog post seems also “too” optimistic to me.
So it could be true that Xojo Inc. ask developers who know they will write positive content to create such a blog.
However, when that is true, Xojo Inc. is fooling themselves. We will see if there are more such blogs posted in the near future.

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First of all. I’ve thought about Tim’s article and I actually agree with him.

In the past I was happy enough with Xojo, I didn’t care that the language wasn’t evolving because I could what I wanted with it. Heck I was prepared to even put in extra effort to make my app look good. I even accepted the idea of using helpers or custom plugins to overcome Xojo’s single thread limitation.

But when they started taking liberties with my money and gave me nothing of what I wanted in return, is when my attitude changed.


Well Nail… Hammer… xy Problem…
When I realized I am trying to nail a screw with a hammer was the moment I left Xojo…
Money was never the problem for a decade I’ve paid Pro License.

when did you left xojo ?

BUGS, BUGS, and more BUGS each release.

Xojo is always good for a laugh:

‘SQLExecute’ in API1 changed to ‘ExecuteSQL’ in API2.


Scary Innovative

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Why not just Execute ?


Because it’s more fun breaking people’s code :clown_face:


Yeah, I read somewhere in the xojo marketing that Web was api2 only… NOT.

It is better to break code than allowing 2 methods with similar names but not the same behavior…