Diff engine

OK I have a little diff engine that I ported over from C# and its pretty damned fast (it takes way longer to put the results in a text area than it does to run a diff on 2 files of 25,000 lines)

Anyone have use for such a thing ?
Maybe I should post a github project …

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Oh yes, please.

Oh yeah mate - post that! I could use it in my Markdown blogging engine perhaps.

heh ok

the raw output is kind of nasty but I’ve got it in a sample program that you can see how it diffs and then converts those results into something readable

I’ll clean up the in code doc and post something

This just gives line by line changes BUT you can make it do character by character as well

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Thank you very much. I’m downloading it right now and will probably check it out over the holidays. I’ll have much time then, can’t visit my family after all… :frowning_face:

Holidays ?
Who gets holidays ? When are these things ?

Ah the joys of having been a “work from home” person for the last 15+ years
Today isn’t a “forced work from home because of covid day”
Its just “Tuesday” :stuck_out_tongue:

You are a machine @npalardy

I know exactly what you’re talking about. When others go home after 8 hours of work, I start my second round :wink: I’ve made it a point however, to not work on Sundays and holidays…

The Ski Patrollers I patrolled with said the same thing :slight_smile:

For context - the ski hill I patrol at asks us all to do about 4 “shifts” a month - and each shift is 4 hours.
So on a Saturday its divided into 2 4 hour shifts Same for Sunday.
And then they had night skiing Weds Thur Fri and each was also a 4 hour shift.
Most folks had not trouble doing their 4 shifts per month (Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar)
So in total maybe 20

I did … 51 shifts :slight_smile:
Fell just short of my intended goal of 60 :because they closed the hill before i got my last 9 shifts in :frowning:
Next Year !

Richard and Me has been “work from home” for the last 16 years (since 2004), so the isolation is nothing new to us…

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Yeah … I dont watch TV much and during the winters unless I’m at the ski hill at night I just kind of fall back ito being on my computer.
I might work on stuff but I may also just be learning something

Kids are all grown up and moved out so it is just wife and I
Summer days we’ll go out after she gets home from work and do some stuff in the yard but that only goes so far

I might have to get on the treadmill or something but … blech !

we just move our treadmill out of the garage

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FWIW I am working on some additional convenience methods for the diff engine

For the moment the engine JUST spews out a stream of edits but does nothing with them - you have to write code to interpret them (as I’ve done in the sample)

But some helpers that will make it so if you hand it two texts to compare that it will return … what ?
annotated edits like you get from the diff cmd line tool ?
or what ?

thoughts and input welcome folks

pushed more changes and now you can select between styled text and unix diff output formats

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