Developer wanted to assume existing Customer

Developer wanted to assume existing Customer

Due to critical health issues I have closed my business and ceased software development and support. Most of my customers have been placed, however I have a valued long-term customer (18+ yrs) whom I’d like to place individually.

This is a medium-sized Toronto, ON based pharma company comprised of a retail pharmacy, direct wholesale product (2), insurance compliance and settlement division, manufacturing facilities and custom compounding.

They currently have 2 major Xojo apps running: a retail intake and reporting app, and a barcode reading app. There are a few other minor apps as well.

They also have two line-of-business intake/reporting apps running in their Insurance Compliance division. These are written in Access 2010 with VBA, and require a rewrite in Xojo. I have some work-in-progress code available from before my business closure.

All dbs are hosted on MSSQL 2005, but a new version will be installed late this year so some db migration will be involved.

Additionally, if the developer has the skill, there are a half dozen of so static web sites that may need occasional changes

Role Summary

  • maintain/develop existing and new Xojo apps
  • write Xojo-based replacements for two existing Access 2010 apps
  • maintain/design/implement/migrate DB backends for existing and new Xojo apps
  • (Optional) Minor edits to existing static websites

Developer Summary

  • Ideally Toronto-based, or with ability to remote conference with client. Very rarely a face to face meeting may be needed.
  • Xojo source code is provided in various versions from 2016r3 thru 2019r1.1. Developer should have access to this software.
  • Plugins installed in all Xojo versions are: MBS SQL PLugin, MBS Complete Plugins, and the Einhugur suite. Developer should have access to this software.
  • Any supporting tools/controls/code will be provided in appropriate formats.

For further information please contact M. Stolove via email

I cannot help with your search I’m afraid but I’m sending you my thoughts and best wishes from here in the UK.

I hope all is OK @TannerLee. I’ve moved this topic to a new “Consulting” category - hopefully someone will be in touch.