Detecting a Windows Registry Entry Change

Is there a way (declares are fine, I don’t want to use MonkeyBread’s WinNotificationMBS class) to be alerted by Windows when a particular registry item is altered?

At the moment, I am periodically polling the value of a particular registry key to see if the user prefers a light or dark theme for their apps but I was wondering if there is anyway to be notified by the OS of a change to a particular registry entry.

Would you mind telling me how WinNotificationMBS would notify this?

But I could of course implement something like RegNotifyChangeKeyValue with the plugin.

Feel free to explain how it works with MBS @MonkeybreadSoftware. I own and love your plugin but I’m just specifically looking for a native Xojo implementation (as this is part of an open source project).

Well, I just offered to implement something new for this.
We don’t have a registry watching feature, I think.

This works as a hack:

Cool. Something learnt.